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Last updated: June 06, 2024

Try This Purple Shampoo Toning Cheat You Didn’t Know

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Purple Toning Drops: How To Customize Your Formulas

Blonde never goes out of style and we KNOW our routine foil clients can’t help but saying, “I still see yellow!” What if we told you that toning drops and prescription-level haircare are the secrets to customizing every client’s toner? From the shampoo bowl to their at-home routine, formulate with ease using these tips.


Keep reading to learn how to customize your toning service for the most long-lasting blondes possible!


1. Plan your service according to your client’s needs.

Blonde clients tend to come into the salon needing lots of TLC. Understanding their hair goals—whether that’s cancelling out yellow tones or gaining some post-lightening hydration—will help you personalize their service for optimal results. That’s why stylist Pamela Adam (@pameladoeshair) opts for a customizable blend of Prescription Care Alchemies by Urban Alchemy


Choose your alchemies:


  1. Shine: Equipped with moringa seed extract and hyaluronic acid
  2. Moisture: Restores the hair’s correct hydration levels and seals water into the hair shaft
  3. Repair: Uses argan oil and vegetable keratin to repair damages and split ends and increase the hair’s strength and elasticity
  4. Hair Density: Helps the hair appear fuller and thicker with Chinese tea leaves, seeds of guarana, kola nuts and green coffee beans
  5. Scalp Care: Promotes a healthy scalp with moringa seed extract and hyaluronic acid
  6. Volume: Utilizes the volumizing properties of hydralized rice protein and the brand’s Polibotanicals 12
  7. Color Lock: Hydrates and softens the hair with hydralized quinoa protein and phyto ceramides


Pro tip: Want to save time behind the chair? Add three drops of Urban Alchemy Prescription Blonde Toning Drops to your custom shampoo formula to tone and cleanse at the same time.


Watch Pamela’s customized blonding care technique in action:

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2. Know the in-salon product-to-alchemy ratio.

To really tailor your haircare system to each clients’ needs, you need to focus the product ratio on their hair goals. Here’s BTC Team Member Sarah Cabral (@sarahzstylz)’s method for mixing perfect custom haircare ratios every time:


  1. Choose your desired base product. Depending on your client’s hair needs, this can be shampoo, conditioner or a mask.
  2. For every two pumps of base, add in a combined total of one and a half pipettes of three different alchemies.
  3. Mix well, then follow the instructions of your base product to apply.


Photo Credit: Instagram via @sarahzstylz


Create custom blondes with only ONE product—plus 40 percent off your starting kit!



3. Customize your client’s tone with violet pigment drops.

We’ve all been there: You go to apply a purple toning shampoo, conditioner or mask, rinse… and you’re left with ashed-out, gray or violet results. To avoid this, Prescription Blonde Toning Drops allow you to control just how much violet actually goes into their formula. This means you can kick brass while maintaining the tones you worked hours on creating.


Don’t believe us? Just ask BTC Team Member Marina Warrington (@colorbymarina). “[These drops] can be mixed with shampoo, conditioner, a mask or a leave-in product to create your own violet haircare products,” Marina explains. “[They help] to prevent unwanted brassiness and moisturize the hair with vitamin B5.”


Here’s how Marina utilizes Prescription Blonde Toning Drops for semi-permanent, cool blonde tones:

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4. How to formulate custom toning products for your client.

A foolproof way to make sure blonde clients stay fresh for the longest period of time? Send them off with prescription-level toner they can use at home! A custom formula will give their color longevity between appointments, and the extra step goes a long way with client retention.


Here’s how Sarah formulates take-home products for her clients using alchemies:


  1. Discuss and choose your desired take-home base product. Make sure your client knows how to use it.
  2. Add your alchemies (including your desired amount of Prescription Blonde Toning drops) to the base product. Sarah usually adds a combined total of 18 pumps with a maximum of three different alchemies to the base product.
  3. Shake well to combine. Remember to take note of the alchemies you added on the back of the product. This will help you and your client remember your formula for refills.


Prescription Blonde Toning drops customize blonde haircare. Watch Sarah personalize a purple conditioner for her client:

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5. Heathy blondes = happier blondes.

At the heart of every happy head of hair is a nourishing care routine. Stocking your shampoo bar with high-quality, clean products is the best way to ensure your clients leave the salon with the healthiest hair possible. The results will show up in their fresh blonde, too.


Urban Alchemy’s Prescription Blonde Toning Drops are vegan, cruelty free and safe for pregnant clients. They’re also free of parabens, silicones, sulphates, microplastic, PEG and QUATS.


Watch how to apply a custom purple toning formula at the bowl below—and checkout that blend. We can’t see yellow!

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Take your blonding service to the next level with custom haircare. Click here to get started! (Psst…Make sure to keep an eye out for our discount code!) 


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