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Last updated: November 10, 2017

WATCH: Grecian Crown Upstyle

Plus fine hair styling tips!

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Crown braids are quickly becoming a timeless style—we’re betting at least one client has asked you to create the Grecian-inspired look. That’s why we hosted an exclusive Facebook Live with Ruth Tedmori, ColorProof Color Care Authority Platform Artist, who created a gorgeous crown braid using barely any bobby pins. She had SO MANY great tricks up her sleeve, so we gathered a few—but make sure you check out the whole video below!


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Ruth’s Pro Tips:

  • We love this genius trick to prepping fine hair: Section the hair into ½ inch subsections and micro-crimp every other section. This helps expand and volumize the hair while also offering a few different textures. Then, curl the entire head with a curling iron before starting the style.


  • When braiding at the nape, have your client look up so the braid sits tighter.


  • Work more quickly and keep braids neat by placing a dab of ColorProof RuleBreaker Firm Flexible Wax on the back of your hand, which makes it easier to quickly smooth your style while you go.


  • Keep braids from falling apart when you expand them by pulling only from the “heart” of the braid, aka the exterior, or outer sides, of the braid.


  • Lock braids in place by weaving bobby pins at the base of each braid to keep it from lifting away from the head.



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