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Last updated: January 31, 2022

Have You Seen Colorproof’s NEW Brand Refresh?

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Not missing a beat for the New Year, Colorproof has launched a complete (and colorful) brand refresh for 2022. Keeping up with the industry trends and new ingredient technology emerging, Colorproof says their rebrand solidifies their stance to offer diverse hair care solutions to preserve, repair and protect color-treated hair (in an eco-friendly way nonetheless)! 


“In the post-COVID era, we know what it’s like to go months without seeing a hairstylist for a touchup and watching our roots grow in, color fade or blondes turn brassy. After experiencing how detrimental a complete shutdown of hairstyling services was to hair health and color, we have turned to rely on products that protect and preserve our hair’s color and health,” says a representative from Colorproof. 


Not only has Colorproof revamped its packaging and marketing with a chic monochromatic, bold theme—they’ve also reformulated each collection in their line. To kick off this rebrand, Colorproof has launched three new haircare products to debut the brand’s makeover. 


New Products Launching:

The spray gently filters away environmental pollutants and hard water minerals. This pre-shampoo treatment gently extracts color-dulling residue that builds up on the hair, clarifying strands to reveal brighter, more brilliant hair.



Reset hair with this weekly treatment to nourish and replenish damaged, color-treated hair. The lightweight formula instantly transforms hair in a two-step process. First, infusing the hair with essential hydration and nourishment—then, locking in with a featherweight protective glossing seal for vibrant, soft and smooth hair with a healthy shine.



 This leave-in styling cream sets the stage for a smooth and soft finish. It delivers hydration, light control, color and heat protection while reducing blow-drying time. 




No revamp is complete without social media—check out their NEW IG handle & page!

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