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Last updated: October 25, 2018

Video How-To: Boho Crown Braid

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Watch: Boho Crown Braid How-To

If a client is known for grabbing hairstyle inspo from Instagram and Pinterest, chances are she’s brought in a pic of a boho crown braid at least once. Because this versatile style is a crucial one to know behind the chair, we’re sharing a quickie video from BTC Team Member Shayla Robertson (@samirasjewelry) that shows how she creates a beautiful crown braid with cascading curls. Watch the video how-to below, then keep scrolling for the steps AND Shayla’s five-strand braiding technique!


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Watch The Video How-To Below



1. Prep the hair with ColorProof FreshStart™ Soft Dry Shampoo to add texture.


2. Create a side part, grab a decent-sized section from the side with more hair and divide it into three subsections. 


3. Then, for a subtle embellishment, wrap a long, skinny gold string to the middle section from the inside out. This should create five strands in total (hair, hair, string, string, hair).


4. Next, start creating the five-strand crown braid. Here’s what Shayla does:

  • The first section of hair goes under the second section of hair and over the first string.
  • Then, the fifth section of hair goes under the second string and crosses with the first section of hair from the previous step. (Note: The two strings always stay in the middle.)
  • Continue this pattern, adding hair to the braid on both sides until you reach her ear. 
  • After this point, only add hair to the top and keep braiding until you work your way around to her other ear.


5. Secure the braid, apply ColorProof PowderFix® Texturizing Powder and then pancake until it reaches the desired fullness.


Pro Tip: Braid all the way down to the tip, secure with an elastic and then start pancaking for a fast, easy and clean braid.


6. Wrap the braid around the head to create the crown and secure with bobby pins. Then, curl the bottom half with a 1-inch Hot Tools Professionals Curl Bar to create voluminous waves.


7. Add fresh flower petals if desired, then finish the style with ColorProof TextureCharge® Color Protect Texture + Finishing Spray.


Check out the gorgeous finished look below!




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