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Last updated: July 02, 2019

Scalp Cleansing Brush

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Environmental impurities and product build-up can clog follicles, contributing to dull, lifeless hair and even premature hair loss. With proper care of the scalp and hair follicles, hair can emerge stronger, fuller and healthier. The ColorProof Scalp Cleansing Brush is an ergonomic brush that features long, flexible bristles to exfoliate, stimulate circulation and deeply cleanse the scalp, allowing hair to flourish.



  • Clarifies and removes build-up and impurities
  • Stimulates, boosts circulation and balances scalp
  • Optimizes hair health, growth and shine


Brush Features: 

  • For all hair types and lengths
  • Comfortable knob-style handle & ergonomic shape
  • Extra-long, flexible bristles designed to reach between strands and break up debris
  • Durable plastic shell with rope for convenient storage


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Manufacturer: ColorProof, @colorproofhair

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