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Last updated: June 01, 2017

iDetangle Paddle Brush Collection

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Get ready for the newest innovation in detangling hair both wet and dry—Olivia Garden just unveiled the iDetangle Paddle Brush Collection! These new lightweight, unibody and vented paddle brushes feature scalp-hugging comfort and flexible detangling bristles that are specially designed to work on specific hair types.


The iDetangle Brush Collection is available in three bristle types—designed for detangling Fine (translucent white), Medium (translucent grey) and Thick hair (solid black)—and include the following:


Patented Dual-Curve Shape

Every bristle actively hugs the scalp for efficient brushing and styling with each stroke.


Flexible Vented Head Design

Adjusts tension based on hair type for easier and gentler detangling. The extra-large vents allow greater airflow to reduce drying time.


No-Slip Unibody Finish

Easy-grip, non-slip handle that is soft to the touch and comfortable for styling. Its unibody design guarantees completely snag-free detangling.


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