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Last updated: October 25, 2019

Long Textured Men’s Haircut

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Long Textured Men’s Haircut

Your client is growing out his hair … so, you ask if he wants to look like Brad Pitt. His answer: YES, obviously! That’s why we’re sharing this men’s cutting how to from celebrity stylist, ColorProof Founder and CEO Jim Markham. Inspired by Brad’s long and textured ’70s haircut in Quentin Tarantino’s latest film “Once Upon A Time In Hollywood” (Jim was actually a technical consultant on-set!), this cool look keeps it slightly longer on the sides than the top to create shape and movement throughout. 


Check Out The Inspo Pics & Get The How To Steps Below!


Instagram via @bradpitt.original
Instagram via @bradpitt.original

Artist: Jim Markham
Manufacturer: ColorProof, @colorproofhair

Products Used


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    Start with evaluation: Analyze the client’s hairline, possible cowlicks, density and texturechecking for any ‘weak spots’ that will affect the haircut. Then, prep the hair by washing with SuperSheer™ Clean Shampoo and Conditioner to create lightweight texture and nourish strands. Apply PureRelease Instant Detangle as a cutting lotion. 


    Then, set the frame. Part the top into five horizontal sections with three vertical subsections. Cut each section straight across to the desired length. Then, move into the sides and cut vertically with horizontal subsections to erase any lines in the cut. Continue to use the top section as a guide.

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    Connect the crown, working around it to remove the corners and create a guide for back sections.

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    Move to the back. Using visual vertical sections, move from the right to left profile and remove length by cutting up to the guide at the crown. Then, repeat the technique from left to right and continue this zigzag pattern until you reach the nape and have removed all length.


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    Move in front of the client, facing them to work on the fringe section. Cut the hair in a horseshoe pattern leaving the corners out to create a classic ’70s shape.

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    Then, detail and polish around the ears, keeping the sideburns long for that ’70s vibe. Soften the hairline with blending shears, starting at the nape and moving through the ears.

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    Apply ColorProof FiberBlast Texture Créme to your palms and emulsify to activate. Rake hands through the hair to define natural texture and definition. Mold and sculpt, then create a matte finish with RuleBreaker Firm Flexible Wax. Lock in the style with AllAround Color Protect Working Hairspray.

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    Finished Look

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