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Last updated: October 10, 2023

How To Formulate A Classic Golden Blonde Toner

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How To Warm Up Blondes And Avoid Brassiness

As a stylist, you likely mix up a golden blonde formula multiple times a week. While the request isn’t groundbreaking, we’re perfecting those warm blondes with some not-so-obvious, long-lasting toning tips without brassy hues.


High-Lift Combats Unwanted Undertones

Here’s the situation: Your client with natural gold undertones wants to go golden blonde. Initially, you may think skipping a high lift and keeping the natural gold undertones in the hair will help you later—DON’T!
Create control by lifting between a Level 9 and 10 to remove any underlying pigment. Then, use your toner to add gold back in and counteract any unwanted undertones.
Scroll for some major golden blonde inspo:
Photo Credit: Instagram via @sarabotsfordhair

How To Balance Golds Without Looking Brassy

Slide for the Color Formulas:
Photo Credit: Instagram via @sarahzstylz


Balayage specialist and educator Sara Botsford (@sarabotsfordhair) shares how adding a few grams of copper into her golden formula prevents her blondes from fading yellow!
Here’s Sara’s formula using Color Wear Gloss Toner:
  • 30g 10.32 + 10g 10.22 + 5g 10.04 + 9.5-Volume Color Wear Gloss Toner Activator.
While gold is the dominant shade, a light splash of copper ensures the end shade is a true gold—not a dull yellow.
Check out more of Sara’s tips for adding reds to golden formulas here:
Photo Credit: Instagram via @sarabotsfordhair

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