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Last updated: September 02, 2022

How To “Fake” A Full Foil—Try This Genius Trick!

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Photo Credit: Instagram @taylordidmyhair

Save Time With This “Fake” Full Foil Technique

Want a full foil result in just half the time? Perfect for clients on a budget or in a time crunch, this “fake” foil hack by Taylor Dellatorre (@taylordidmyhair) delivers a full head of highlights with less foils. Keep scrolling to see to how it’s done in just three simple steps.


1. Start with the nine-foil hairline technique

For her faux full foil, Taylor opted for BB Bleach 9 + 10-volume developer by Alfaparf Milano, then glossed with Alfaparf Color Wear Gloss 010.1.


2. Split the hairline into three sections

Start with what Taylor affectionately calls “ponylights.” This technique adds pop of brightness to the hairline that creates a cohesive look when the hair is worn up. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Split the hairline into three sections.
  2. Foil three back-to-back weaves in each section, applying at a slight angle behind each ear. The hairline is fragile, so remember to use low developer.
  3. Back-fold your foils and tighten. 


Taylor recommends painting babylights for a softer blend. For something bolder, use a slice.



Photo Credit: Instagram via @taylordidmyhair

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3. Continue with usual partial foil placement

Leaving out the back section, create your usual partial foil. This placement will give the look of a full foil when they put their hair up in a ponytail and brighten up dark corners near the neck.


Photo Credit: Instagram via @taylordidmyhair


When you’re foiling your partial, it’s ESSENTIAL to foil above the ear to avoid dark holes when the client puts their hair up. This will make a huge difference in the end result!


Here are some tips to get the job done:

  • Foil horizontally on fine hair to provide the heaviest coverage.
  • Leave prelightened ends out of the foil to prevent breakage.


See Taylor’s partial highlight placement in action here!

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Want to try it yourself? Click Here To Peep Taylor’s Full Technique!

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