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Last updated: December 05, 2018

Fast Bridal Style: Topsytail Braid

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Fast Bridal Style: Topsytail Braid

We are all about working smarter, not harder, behind the chair—especially when it comes to creating those intricate-looking downstyles every bride seems to want. That’s why we double-tapped this easy topsytail braid by BTC Team Member @alexandralee1016—looks gorgeous, yet it comes together FAST. Keep reading for Alexandra’s how-to (with more than 800,000 views!) plus her top bridal styling tips!


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  • The look is totally topsytails, but study how Alexandra places each pony: centered, then right side, then left side, then repeat. This creates a less uniform look.
  • Pinch and expand each topsytail section before continuing onto the next section to achieve ultimate fullness. Texture spray is helpful, too.
  • Finish by curling loose ends with the Hot Tools® Professional Revolutionary Iron.



Bridal Styling Tips

1. Does your bride have layers that won’t stay put? Alexandra recommends coating your fingers with hairspray first to help tuck the hair back into the braid. And if that doesn’t work, weave a bobby pin into the braid to control those unruly pieces.


2. Remember this: The smaller your weaving sections, the more intricate your braid will look, so taking smaller topsytail sections will give you more intricacy, versus larger ones.


3. Depending on your bride’s hair type and desired style, you may want to prep her with a head of loose waves or curls before you create the upstyle. In this case, reach for a 1-inch iron like the Hot Tools Professional Black Gold Marcel Iron, unless her hair is SUPER long—then you can up the barrel size to the 1 ¼- or 1 ½-inch Black Gold Marcel Irons.  


4. Dimension can be difficult on darker hair—make any braid or bridal style pop by adding extensions a shade lighter or darker to contrast with your client’s hair.


5. Regardless of your style, keep tension consistent throughout. Otherwise, the finished look will appear messy.


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