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Last updated: September 24, 2020

Can’t Braid? Try This Cheat!

Learn How To Create A Sleek, Non-Braider Friendly Look

SexyHair Visionary Team Member Antonio Estrada (@antestradahair) showed us a quick and easy styling technique that gives your client a braided look without the braids. Yes, this is a non-braider friendly tutorial! All you need are rubber bands, a few products and a curling iron to achieve smooth sections and sleek, shiny curls on any hair texture. Watch the video tutorial above, grab Antonio’s tips below and keep scrolling for the finished look!


Who Is This Technique For?

This technique is for any client, whether they have light or dark hair. While lighter hair has more natural dimension than darker hair, the exposed scalp in this style adds a nice detail to darker strands allowing them to standout and not blend together.


Note: This technique can be uncomfortable for the client, but if they want it to be sleek it has to be tight. Antonio recommends warning your clients about the process beforehand.


Check Out The Before & After!

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Get Started By Sectioning

Antonio starts this technique off by sectioning the hair horizontally from the front to back and vertically between each row where the rubber bands will go. 

  • Get started with the rubber band technique by taking a small horizontal square in the first row section. Apply SexyHair artistrypro Cutting Edge to cut down on the hair’s natural volume and slick the section down. Clip the the hair not being worked with out of the way to help keep the sections clean and control the hair.


  • Apply a rubber band to the section, making sure to pull it up with each pass to keep the section tight. The rubber band needs to be close to the head. Once done, pull the ponytail a bit to tighten the section more. Repeat this step until each row is finished.


Pro Tip: For curly clients with highly textured hair, moisture will reactivate the curls. Antonio recommends switching out artistrypro Cutting Edge for SexyHair Healthy SexyHair Styling Paste or the SexyHair artistrypro Avant-Garde hairspray, because flat-ironing the hair before styling will control the hair’s volume.


Do This To Get the Perfect Curls

Once all of the rubber bands are secure, it’s time to apply the curls. Antonio used the SexyHair Curl Lock Pro Curling Iron 1-inch for this look. 

  • Get started by prepping the hair with artistrypro Avant-Garde as a heat protectant. Take a small section of hair around the mid-shaft and wrap the hair around the curling iron.


  • Slowly release the curling iron moving down the hair, then pull the ends through to keep them straight. Continue this step until the entire section is curled.


  • Once the curls are done, let the hair cool down. Apply more artistrypro Avant-Garde and brush through the curls with a wide brush.


  • Take horizontal sections and apply SexyHair artistrypro Remodel to the roots as a dry shampoo so the style can last longer on the client.


Pro Tip: Antonio curls the hair on the sides of the head going back, so the hair falls away from the client’s face.


Here’s The Look On One of Antonio’s Clients!


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