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Last updated: September 05, 2018

2 Tricks That Will Change The Way You Cut Bobs

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Bobs are classic cool-girl cuts, and for stylists, being able to deliver the chic, short chop is absolutely necessary behind the chair. We caught two tricks from Matrix Artistic Director Daniel Roldan at Matrix Destination 2018 that make cutting bobs super easy and seriously efficient.  


1. Comb Correctly For The Perfect Cut
Before cutting a section, comb the hair gently from side to side, then comb to its natural fall. This releases tension, allowing the hair to lay where it lives on the head and achieve the perfect beveled edge. Watch Daniel show you what to do and what not to do when combing and cutting your bobs!




2. Use Multiple Guides To Easily Cut An A-Line
Always be in front of the guide, Daniel says. This will keep the guide visible and your A-line strong. Watch Daniel’s trick for creating and using multiple guides—it makes cutting any bob super easy.



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