February 22, 2018

Bond Sealer

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Give your color services a finishing touch with the Schwarzkopf Professional Bond Sealer. Schwarzkopf Professional Bond Sealer is Step 2 for any IGORA Product that has integrated bonding technology (Highlights, Fashion Lights and Vario Lighteners x2):

  • First, perform a color service with IGORA® Vario Blond or IGORA ROYAL® Fashion Lights® with FIBRE BOND Technology to enforce bonds within the hair fiber and reduce breakage.


  • Second, use theSchwarzkopf Professional® Bond Sealer to balance pH levels to lock in color pigments and help create bonds and seal the hair surface.


This intensive treatment offers long-lasting strength, suppleness and shine. It can also be used as a stand-alone treatment. 


For more info, visit schwarzkopf-professionalusa.com


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Bond Sealer

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