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Last updated: April 24, 2020

Aveda Launches Aveda Cares, A Multimillion Dollar Relief Program For Salon Pros

The multifaceted initiative will help salons prepare to recover from coronavirus-related closures.

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Aveda Cares: A Multimillion Dollar Relief Program—What You Need To Know!

Aveda just launched Aveda Cares, a robust, multifaceted program designed to directly benefit independent salons that have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Did you know that salons and spas that carry Aveda products are independently owned? This includes more than 6,000 small businesses in the United States alone.


Here’s a breakdown of the overall initiative, what this means for salon pros and how it can directly benefit you.


Aveda Cares will help Aveda salons recover via six initiatives:

  • A $1.5M+ fundraising efforts in celebration of Hairstylist Appreciation Day, which falls on April 30. 
  • Providing monetary contributions via Aveda’s loyalty program.
  • An increased online commission program.
  • Extended terms for applicable salons.
  • 1000+ hours of free virtual education.
  • A weekly virtual owners forum.


“We’ve watched small businesses take a major hit over the last several weeks, and that includes our thousands of independently owned salon partners across the United States which have closed their doors to protect their staff and their guests,” shares April Anslinger, Aveda SVP and North America General Manager.


“Now, as a result of this, they face future financial uncertainty. They have done their part to protect their communities, and now we want to do our part to help them reopen as soon as they are able. These salons and stylists are caring and creative people who have helped us all feel great about ourselves and our hair. Now it’s our turn to take care of them.” 


Check Out Aveda’s 6 Initiatives For Helping Salons & Stylists Recover


1. Aveda Cares $1.5M+ Financial Relief Goal

To provide support for its partner salons, Aveda is kicking off a fundraising program to help provide financial support to salons who have been affected by voluntary and state-mandated closures. Aveda will contribute $600,000 to The Salon and Spa Relief Fund, a nonprofit established to help salon and spa owners and their employees rebuild their lives and businesses.


2. How Aveda Consumers Will Be Able To Join The Effort

  • Making a donation when checking out on, which will then be donated to The Salon & Spa Relief Fund.


  • Redeeming their Pure Privilege Points (Aveda Loyalty Members only), turning the points into dollars which will be directly donated to the fund.



Through these efforts, Aveda hopes to raise at least $1.5 million to enable the provision of grants through The Salon and Spa Relief Fund.


3. Salon A-Commerce

Aveda’s Salon A-Commerce program, which launched in 2018, allows salon owners to easily set up a webpage that seamlessly integrates e-commerce with their existing website. As part of the Aveda Cares program, Aveda has increased salon commissions to 40 percent from April 1 through June 30. Commissions have been increased for all incoming sales via salons’ or artists’ direct URLs.


Note: All Aveda Concept and Lifestyle locations are eligible for the A-Commerce program.


4. Extended Terms

Aveda is working with its salon partners to offer deferred payment on outstanding balances. Additionally, Aveda is giving qualified salons the opportunity to pay for replenishment orders over the course of 12 weeks, rather than pay up front.


5. Free Virtual Education

On March 30 Aveda kicked off an eight-week, $2.6 million in value education program that is free to Aveda stylists and salons and taught by lead stylists and experts in haircutting, coloring, styling, skin care and makeup.


“The goal of our virtual education programming is to give our partner salons and artists the opportunity to hone their craft and learn new techniques during their downtime,” says Kevin Molin, Aveda’s VP of Global Education. “We also want to help our network stay connected. We recognize that this time can be challenging, especially for artists who are accustomed to working one-on-one with their clients every day. Since launching the program at the end of March, we have seen record attendance for our classes and many new relationships form virtually.”


Aveda’s exclusive education program offers 1000+ hours worth of programming with access to dozens of different virtual classes each week, led by the Global Artistic Team and North America Artistic Team.


Global Artistic Team Members:

  • Ian Michael Black (color)
  • Bea Watson (styling)
  • Janell Geason (makeup)
  • Ricardo Dinis (cutting)
  • Helga Hefner (skincare)


North America Artistic Team Members: 

  • Lupe Voss (color)
  • Britt Dion (styling)
  • Anne Skubis (makeup)
  • Brad Van Dyke (skincare)
  • Tatum Neill (social media)


6. Weekly Virtual Salon Owner Forums

For the last four weeks, Aveda has been, and will continue to provide weekly forums for salon owners to stay connected and offer suggestions on how to move from business interruption to relaunching their salon when state-mandated closures are lifted. For example, to date, Aveda has provided tool kits with recommendations on how salons can stay engaged with their clients via social media, tips on how to amplify “Google My Business,” and hosted discussions around how to re-onboard staff and whether to consider expanding their hours.


Additionally, through Aveda Business College, Aveda will be offering a new virtual webinar series to support salons with strategies to create and implement a new business plan designed to rebuild and maximize profit and growth opportunities. Salon owners have the option of deferring payment for this class until July.


As part of the Aveda Cares program, Aveda has also initiated more than 125,000 product donations to community hospitals, medical centers, nursing homes and food banks in need due to the pandemic.


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