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Last updated: December 12, 2023

New Law Requires New York State Cosmetology Students To Learn Textured Hair

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New York State Law Now Requires Cosmetology Schools To Include Textured Hair In Its Curriculum

On November 17, 2023 Bill S6528A was officially signed into law by New York State Governor Kathy Hochul requiring the region’s cosmetology schools to make natural textured hair a part of the curriculum. The law will go into full effect in about six months to ensure the schools have enough time to adapt their courses to align with the law.


Here’s What The New Law Means:

The long overdue S6528A will prove to be pivotal in creating a more inclusive salon environment. Moving forward, all New York State hairstylists will learn how to properly treat, style, color and cut all curl types, patterns, thicknesses and volumes. A hair type that was often treated as “other” will now have the same privilege as straight-haired clients. Gone are the days of walking into a salon and being told there’s no stylist available that can adequately service textured hair.


“This is a huge step in advancing hair inclusivity in the State of New York,” says Myra Reddy, Government Affairs Director, Professional Beauty Association (a key player in moving this law forward). “As a result of this law, stylists will now receive comprehensive, inclusive hair education that will help to foster safe and positive experiences for all customers to feel welcomed, valued, understood and seen when receiving hair services. We look forward to bringing this important progress to other states soon.” 


Here’s Who Was Involved In Passing The Law:

Law S6528A was successfully passed thanks in large part to the tireless efforts of Professional Beauty Association in conjunction with Texture Education Collective (TEC) founded by AvedaDevaCurl and L’Oréal USA. The four organizations teamed up to build upon an existing 2017 law spearheaded by New York State Assemblyman Gary Pretlow which mandates New York to appoint a professional hairstylist onto the NYS Appearance Enhancement Advisory Committee to advise the State on matters concerning cosmetology curriculum. The new S6528A law demonstrates the importance of having a professional hairstylist on the Advisory Committee and will help to ensure that hair education is systemically more inclusive in the State of New York.


To sign a petition advocating for textured hair to be included in cosmetology testing standards in all states, visit


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