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Last updated: May 31, 2017

Hair Chain Braids

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Hair Chain Braids

This is definitely NOT your basic prom updo—this is for the cool, confident girl who is ready to electrify her prom party! Anya Segers, Paul Mitchell International Trainer, shows how to get this edgy braided look that pops even more with the addition of a hair chain.


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    Mist the hair with Paul Mitchell Neon Sugar Confection for flyaway control and brush it with the Airflow Brush. Create large, C-shaped sections over each ear, leaving out a narrow point at the center top.

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    Massage Paul Mitchell Neon Sugar Cream into the part and hairline for control. Take a fine section at the top point and start to French braid (only pulling from one side) along the top parting. Secure an elastic band 1 to 2 inches away from the base.

    PRO TIP: You can use your metal-tail weave comb to help with these tiny sections.

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    Move to the opposite side and repeat the same braiding technique.

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    In the top center, take a section from the front point to the crown (where the head curve starts). This should be roughly 1 inch wide. French braid this section, only pulling from the right side. Once you’ve reached the crown, clip away strands to free your hands.

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    Take one strand, split it in two, then band them together underneath the braid. Release the other two strands and cascade them over the elastic band to conceal it.

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    Mist Paul Mitchell Neon Sugar Confection on the tail of your comb to tame the braids, then mist it all over the hair. Gently tug the braids and clip them with pin curl clips—this will give them height and lift.

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    Smooth the lengths with the Express Ion Style+, then mist them with Paul Mitchell Neon Sugar Confection for flexible control. Finally, set the hair chain in place.

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    Finished look.

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