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Last updated: May 31, 2017

Global Blonde from Pravana

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Global Blonde from Pravana

This warm, golden blonde hue offers the perfect contrast of light and dark. Utilizing different shades of blonde from Pravana’s new Contour Collection, Guy Tang, Hair Guru, located in West Hollywood, CA, was able to create subtle, yet dimensional tones. Try this out on your next blonde! See more of Guy’s amazing color work on his Instagram @guy_tang!

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    Color Formula
    Pravana 8NtL + 8GL + 10-volume developer

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    Divide the front of the hair into two sections; along the natural part-line to the crown and down to the front of the ears.

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    Through the back, create a zigzag parting from the crown to the occipital. Then, section out large, diagonal sections off of the zigzag.

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    Create a triangle section from the corners of the nape to the occipital. Apply 8GL from roots to ends in this section.

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    Working off the diagonal of the triangle section, take 2- to 3-inch wide slices in a brick-lay fashion, working up the back of the head, and leaving ½- to 1-inch sections out between the lowlight slices.  Alternate the application, applying two 8GL slices for every one 8NtL slice. Tip: You may use foils or cotton to separate the lowlight slices. 

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    Once you reach the crown, begin working into the sides of the head, taking 2- to 3-inch wide slices in a brick-lay fashion and leaving ½- to 1-inch sections out between the lowlight slices, alternating the application of two 8GL slices for every one 8NtL slice. 

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    Continue working this way until you reach an inch below the natural parting. Leave out the section around the natural lighting to maintain lightness.

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    Process for 30 minutes at room temperature. Rinse, and shampoo with any Pravana NEVO Sulfate-Free Shampoo. Follow follow with a Pravana NEVO Conditioner, and style as desired.