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Last updated: May 28, 2024

Your Staff Needs To Level Up—Here’s How To Lead The Change

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Photo Credit: Instagram via @moroccanoilpro

4 Things We Learned At Moroccanoil® Academy’s Blonding Course

Any good hair mentor has preached the importance of investing in your education. If you’re that person in your salon, then it’s time to lead every stylist to level up. BTC Editors attended Moroccanoil® Academy’s Blonde Voyage Course in New York City to see how the brand caters to stylists at all stages in their career to learn new skills to use daily behind the chair.


The class was full of both new and veteran stylists and curriculum included in-depth hands-on education (every stylist received their own mannequin and Moroccanoil® products) taught by Moroccanoil® Artistic Director Cassie Siskovic (@cassiskovic) and Global Trend Team Member Barri Gibson (@barrigibsonhair). Ahead is just a small glimpse of what your staff could learn from the three-day course.


1. Blonding Consultation Questions Every Stylist Needs To Ask

Cassie and Barri both shared the consultation questions they won’t start a blonding appointment without—here they are!


  • “Do you want to be seen as a blonde or a brunette?”
    • “This tells me so much about how I’m going to design the color roadmap,” says Cassie.
  • “What do you want your maintenance routine to look like?”
    • “Some people have a low maintenance lifestyle and don’t want to come into the salon often,” says Barri. The solution? Design a low maintenance, low commitment color for them.

2. High-Impact Placement Hacks To Know

Students went home with a clear understanding (accompanied by head roadmap diagrams) of the impact balayage and foiling techniques have on blonding appointments. Here is a breakdown of the difference between foiling and balayage techniques and when to use each!



1. More defined results

2. Even color from roots to ends

3. Can get closer to the root area

4. Allows for multiple color application

5. Can create both natural or expressive 



1. Soft gentle flow of color

2. Less noticeable regrowth

3. Maximum organic creativity

4. Visible color development

5. Natural-looking results



3. When To Use Clay, Powder and Cream Lighteners—Explained!

Lighteners are not one-size-fits-all. Before diving into the hands-on portion of the class, Barri and Cassie introduced the stylists to all three Moroccanoil® lighteners, how they work and when to use each. Here are the details:


Blonde Voyage Clay Lightener: Can be used on or off the scalp and in-foils for up to 8 levels of lift.

Blonde Voyage Powder Lightener: Can be used on or off the scalp and in or out of foils for up to 9 levels of lift.

Blonde Voyage Cream Lightener: Can be used on or off the scalp and in-foils on delicate hair for up to 8 levels of lift.


Photo Credit: Instagram via @moroccanoilpro


4. Prevent Foil Slippage With These Crucial Tips

Getting familiar with Moroccanoil® products and learning new color roadmap techniques were just a small part of what stylists learned. The educators also offered realistic hacks for situations every stylist faces.


Here’s two tips to try right away for foils that slip:
  • Teasy-lighting slippery hair? Spray Moroccanoil® Dry Texture Spray at the root before foiling to provide a little extra grip.
  • For extra slip insurance, place lightener on the center of the foil and stick it to the hair before painting the hair


Click here to enroll YOUR staff in this game-changing education!

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