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Last updated: July 19, 2024

Why Promoting Women to Leadership Positions is the Key to a Successful Hair Brand

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What to Know About Henkel’s First-Ever Hair Pro “All-In” Event

The hair industry is a space where women have owned leadership roles since the beginning and Henkel Consumer Brands’ Professional Hair Division is no exception. The company recognizes, celebrates and promotes women to powerful positions across all of its brands (whose hair portfolio includes the likes of Schwarzkopf Professional®, Joico, PRAVANA Alterna Haircare, Zotos Professional and Kenra® Professional). Earlier this year, the company held their first-ever North American Henkel Hair Pro “All-In” Event to network, learn and grow together while forming a sense of community. 


The two-day event welcomed over 450 employees to their North American headquarters in Los Angeles. BTC Editors talked exclusively with four female leaders across the hair division to learn about the event and how women in leadership roles impact the Henkel brands and the hair industry as a whole.


Meet the four female leaders:

Michelle Chandler with Stefan Mund | Photo courtesy of Henkel


Here’s why it is important to put women in leadership positions in the hair industry:

Henkel understands by placing women of all backgrounds, experiences and cultures in positions of power, they can use their shared experiences to create products other women want to buy.


“If we think about the hair industry specifically, women have tremendous purchasing power because of the share of services that we are obtaining in the salon and the special connection that we often form with our stylist,” says Henkel Hair Pro’s Vice President of Finance Chandra Coupet. “Therefore, having women in leadership positions is a tremendous asset in this industry to deliver value-added solutions and frame the message to reach those consumers.”


“The latest statistics shows women comprise slightly over 90 percent of the hair stylist population,” Michelle Chandler, General Manager, Schwarzkopf Professional U.S. and Alterna adds. “Having women leading innovation, branding and education integrates a necessary critical perspective.”


Stefan Mund, Regional Head of Henkel Consumer Brands Hair Professional North America chimes in to reflect on the company’s expansive past decade and how female leaders have been at the forefront of their accomplishments, “I’m very proud of the achievements in Henkel’s Hair Professional business over the last decade,” he says. “This has only been possible thanks to a dedicated and highly passionate team that reflects the unique diversity of the beauty industry we are working in.”


“More than half of my leaders in the organization are women,” he adds. “They are in leadership positions as they have proven, over and over again that compassion and empathy combined with energy, focus and resilience is a recipe for business success.”


Click here to learn more about Henkel’s diversity initiatives.


A mainstage presentation moment from the event:

Ahead of the Hair Pro “All-In” Event, Henkel sought out feedback from employees to shape the event’s programming. Here’s a look at some of the event’s activities:


  • Henkel partnered with Heal the Bay for their Suits On The Sand program to do a local beach clean-up to focus on sustainability and comradery.
  • Networking sessions that allowed different brands to connect, build relationships and learn from one another.
  • Mainstage conversations gave a greater understanding of how each person plays a key role in achievements beyond their individual brand.
  • Community outreach activities benefit the local community and give employees a shared purpose.


“Being together helped drive a sense of unity and purpose in a very real and tangible way,” says Melisa Gill, General Manager for JOICO reflecting on the experience.


Here’s are some shots from the Heal the Bay event:

Photo courtesy of Henkel


How Henkel Hair Pro brands are moving the industry forward:

With a diverse portfolio of hair brands that reach both hair professionals and consumers, Henkel has something for every hair type, texture and desired style. Through events like Hair Pro “All-In”, leaders from each brand can come together to continue to share ideas to contribute to the advancement of the industry.


“By fostering a culture of innovation and bringing together professionals from different brands, Henkel is contributing to the advancement of the hair industry as a whole,” says Aurelia Andre, General Manager of PRAVANA and Zotos Professional. “The sharing of knowledge, best practices and new ideas at events like Hair Pro “All-In” helps raise standards and push the industry forward.”


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