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Last updated: July 12, 2018

Refined Vintage Waves

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If there is one classic style you should master, the glamorous wave is IT. Timeless for a reason, these waves look good for any occasion, and we have the breakdown from Paul Mitchell International Trainer and session stylist Noogie Thai.


We caught these tips at the Paul Mitchell Gathering in Las Vegas, where 3,500 hairdressers and future professionals come together every other year to get technical training, business advice and major inspiration. Noogie recently created this look on @lillyghalichi, and he shared his technique with everyone at The Gathering!



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Artist: Noogie Thai

Products Used




Prep the hair with Neuro® Protect Spray on the mids and ends to shield against heat damage, misting a few inches away.


Take a Mohawk section on the top of the head and pin away, then divide the rest of the hair into equal quadrants.


PRO TIP: Noogie recommends to always start a curl set on the top of the head as this hair always loses the most volume and will be set the longest if you begin there!



Start curling the Mohawk section with the 1-inch Neuro® Angle Rod Curling Iron. Start by taking horizontal sections about 1 to 1 ½ inch in depth. Loosely ribbon the hair around the iron and curl as close to the base as possible. Pin on base with a single prong clip.


PRO TIP: The ribbon curl technique consists of wrapping the hair with the section being as flat as possible on the curling iron.


Once the entire Mohawk section is curled and set, start on either side of the head and take 1-inch to 1½-inch horizontal sections. Continue with the ribbon wrap around the iron and pin on base.


Once the sides are set, move to the back of the head, starting at the top of the section at the crown of the head. Take 1- to 1½-inch horizontal sections and continue with the ribbon wrap until you reach the nape.


Once the entire head is set, spray with Neuro® Finish Spray, which helps not only set the style but resists humidity and frizz. Begin to brush the curl set with the Paul Mitchell Sculpting Brush.


PRO TIP: Don’t be afraid to brush the curls out. Noogie says to “listen to the set” and don’t force it into a curl pattern it doesn’t want to take.


Begin forming and molding the side sections into place by combing the hair from the front hairline to behind the ear. Temporarily clip the hair away right behind the ear and continue dressing the mids and ends of the side section. Begin manipulating the ripples in the wave pattern, directing it towards the face for a Hollywood wave. When complete, spray again with  Neuro® Finish Spray for hold.

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