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Last updated: August 08, 2017

6 Ways to Step Up Your Marketing Game

Take your game to the next level.

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Are you looking for effective ways to market your salon or spa? Do you find yourself at a loss for ideas when it comes to promoting your products and services? Here are some tips to help get and keep your marketing on track, plus some simple ideas for promotions.


1. Plan Ahead & Stay the Course
As an important part of any business, marketing involves finding ways to promote your products and services in order to attract new clients and retain, as well as upsell, existing clients. Here’s a few pointers:

  • For marketing to be successful, there should be a yearlong plan that consists of multiple advertising and promotional campaigns that are deployed in regular intervals.
  • Naturally, some campaigns will be more effective than others, the key is to keep at it so you can learn from both the successful and the not-so-successful efforts.


2. Stay True to Your Brand
No matter how you market your business, you need to define your brand first.
Outline the style of your salon or spa, the general services you offer, who you offer them to and what message you want to get across. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are you an upscale salon with an industrial vibe or are you a barber shop with a vintage appeal?
  • Is your salon vibrant and always buzzing or is it a serene place to relax?
  • Is your clientele mainly professional men and women or is it family-focused?

Chances are that you’ve already taken all of this into consideration when designing your salon and is likely reflected in your décor, as well as your logo. Here are a few more tips for continuing that momentum into your marketing efforts:

  • Always use your logo and signature color palette.
  • Keep the same font for any lettering.
  • Think through layout styles and the message for any wording so it appeals to your audience and stays consistent with your brand.




3. What to Promote
It’s always best to offer a product or service that is simple and easy to promote. For example, if you have a color-focused salon, consider adding to your color line to accommodate the current trends and then revolve some of your marketing around these new trends.


Another idea is to promote an add-on service like an intense hair conditioning treatment, a mini massage or a facial treatment in your spa. It’s best if these services are already part of your salon or spa’s offerings, that way you don’t need to invest in special equipment or supplies in order to perform them.


4. Value-Oriented Messaging
For a promotion to work, your messaging should communicate the value of the product or service being provided. For example, if you’re offering a free conditioning treatment for every referral, you wouldn’t start by asking your clients to serve up friends and family as referrals. Instead, lead with the reward or benefit, in this case the free conditioning treatment. The wording for any promotion should be something like: “Would you like a free conditioning treatment? Simply refer a friend and it will be added to your next visit.”


5. How to Promote
There are a lot of ways to alert potential clients about your salon or spa’s offerings. Here’s a breakdown for what you can do right now:

  • Make sure that your salon or spa website is up-to-date and reflects your current marketing message.
  • Add your salon or spa to as many local directories as possible. Most listings are free but have options to purchase preferred placement or even banner ads, if desired.
  • Set aside a budget for direct mail pieces and general advertising with print or digital ads with local newspapers and magazines.

Pro Tip: Digital ads are usually the least expensive way to advertise, as there are no direct costs (printing, mailing, etc.). You can also sponsor local events through churches, schools, clubs, etc., which will add visibility to your business and help attract new clients.

To cater to your existing clients, you’ll want to use different tactics to grab their attention. Try some of these:

  • Use an automated system to send personalized emails for their birthday, anniversary or other special occasion.
  • For promotions, consider designing counter displays for the front desk and retail area, as well as signage for each station.
  • Create regular newsletters using a mass email application. You can offer hair care advice, announce upcoming events or trends and promote your services and products.

6. The Right Tools

Salon management software can help simplify your salon or spa’s marketing endeavors. Through its Client Connect Premium Package, Rosy Salon Software keeps you in contact with your customers and encourages more spending while rewarding their loyalty and referrals. With everything from Automated Email Marketing and Mass Email Campaigns to Client Rewards & Referrals, Rosy has everything you need to manage your business and make the most of your marketing efforts.


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