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Last updated: September 25, 2017

3 Steps to Successful Salon Events

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“Events may not seem as though they’re part of marketing for your salon, but they are,” notes award-winning author, Neil Ducoff, in his best-selling book Wake Up!  Events promote your business in fun engaging ways that make clients feel good about your salon. When you combine “feel good” services with “feel good” events, your client loyalty gets a powerful boost.


Events promote your business, and include one that you host, such as an opening anniversary celebration. You should also participate in events others organize, such as Chamber of Commerce Networking Nights or local philanthropic events. In an excerpt from Wake Up!, Neil shares 3 steps to hosting successful events that will increase awareness of your salon and build business.


1. Choose your date carefully. 
ry to avoid conflicts such as other large community events, religious holidays and federal or state holidays. You don’t want to compete with these events for attendance. However, there are often community events that you can tie in with such as an annual holiday stroll, seasonal festival or philanthropic cause.



2. Make sure the event is something people want to attend. 
Don’t just plan something to promote your salon, offer reasons or incentives that will make clients and potential clients want to give up their free time to attend. These may be special discounts on services or retail products, special guests, food and beverages, entertainment or demonstrations that will help clients care for and style their hair at home. When your staff participates in community philanthropic events, be sure to post coverage of the event to share with your clients, as well as inviting them to event and support your efforts. For prom or bridal seasons, offer special programs that will get them excited about salon services.



3. Publicize your event. 
Use every means possible to bring attention to your event. For grand openings, ask the mayor or city official to do your ribbon cutting, ask a local celebrity or musician to help support a charitable event by attending, invite students or school groups so parents will get involved, invite locally celebrated athletes to help support your event. Send out emails to your client list. Post frequent announcements on your social media pages and websites. Post the information throughout the salon at least two months ahead to capture the attention of clients. Have your staff talk it up during appointments and support the promotional efforts in their own way.



Don’t let more than a few days go by each week without some kind of marketing effort. Work with your staff to creatively come up with ideas for promotions and events, so they are fully invested in making the efforts successful.


In each chapter of Wake Up! – You’ll find page after page of practical advice to work through leadership challenges, ways to motivate staff, marketing tips and a wealth of management tools to grow your business. Wake Up! is now available in the BTC bookstore, and makes a perfect year round gift for colleagues and managers.

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