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Last updated: August 07, 2017

6 Solutions to Salon Management Issues

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Running a salon is a lot of work. Between managing staff, booking and confirming clients, ordering supplies and marketing your business, there’s less and less time left to effectively service your clientele. You know, the reason you went into business in the first place!


We’re here to offer a few solutions—all of which include automating some of the most time-consuming processes—so that you can spend more time with clients.


Problem: If your staff is always busy booking appointments for clients…
Solution: Offer online booking. Here’s why: 

  • It’s convenient. Think of it as a channel from your salon website, business Facebook page or salon web app that allows customers to book salon services quickly and easily. 
  • It relieves pressure on staff, and helps fill cancellations and empty spots without any extra effort. 


Problem: If the busy work, like calling to confirm appointments, takes too much time…
Solution: Start confirming appointments automatically. Here’s why: 

  • It will free up your days, and instead of a staff member having to call to confirm appointments, once a booking is made, whether done online or through the salon, automated confirmations will get sent out via email or text. 


Problem: If you need more ways to boost business and stay in touch with clients…
Solution: Use an automated email marketing system. Here’s why: 

  • It’s a personalized touch that clients appreciate and it can boost sales! Set up email communications to automatically send after first appointments, for client birthdays or anniversaries and as reminders for when a client hasn’t booked in a while.



Problem: If doing inventory takes forever, and sometimes you run out of product because of counting errors…
Solution: Start managing inventory automatically. Here’s why:

  • Certain systems automatically track your inventory and send alerts when it’s time to reorder, which means it’s super easy for you. 
  • There are features available (like Salon Interactive), that can connect you with product distributors to monitor the inventory process and automatically set up orders based on predetermined thresholds.


Problem: If there is a disconnect between the stylist, the checkout process and the opportunity to sell more retail…
Solution: Automate your retail sales! Here’s how: 

  • Use Rosy Salon Software to offer suggestive selling. The system will match up and suggest appropriate home-care products based on recent services (i.e.: color care), make product recommendations at checkout and reserve products when clients book services online.


Problem: If it gets tough managing everything while on the go…
Solution: Go mobile with Rosy Salon Software! Here’s why:

  • It’s the first cloud-based salon and spa scheduling and management software that was designed by former salon and spa owners (so they know exactly what you need!).


With Rosy, you can remotely access your schedule, client information and inventory, so it’s great for salon owners and managers or busy booth renters who want to run their business from their phone or other mobile devices. Plus, with their newly-expanded online scheduling system (which they’ve partnered with Google for), clients are able to book appointments faster and more easily. And with all these perks on the business side, you can expect client satisfaction, loyalty and sales increase. 


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