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Last updated: May 31, 2017

Joico Tint Shot Root Concealer

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Hot roots, outgrowth, and those pesky gray patches. These color situations happen, and your clients can’t always get to your chair. So what can you prescribe? Try Joico’s new Tint Shot Root Concealer to boost their hair confidence between appointments. These brilliant, transfer- and humidity-resistant micro-pigments instantly conceal new growth and even persistent gray.  An extended nozzle allows for precise delivery. Colors include: Black, Dark Brown, Light Brown and Blonde. Best of all, this spray dries in a flash, concealing roots and thinning areas so your clients get natural-looking results with a satin finish.

Shake well, holding the can 4 to 6 inches from hair and spray the roots in a light, steady stream. Allow the product to dry a few minutes before touching. Use on dry hair ONLY.

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