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Last updated: November 22, 2019

You’re Not Dry Cutting?! Here’s Why You Should Be…

“Do you wear your hair wet? Then why does your stylist cut your hair wet?” - @salsalhair

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If you’re not already dry cutting, you should be…according to LA cutter Sal Salcedo (@salsalhair), known for his signature cool-girl shags and sci-fi bobs on the West Coast. Dry cutting allows you to give a totally customized cut based on the density, movement and texture of your client’s hair—and here are three reasons why Sal swears by this technique! Plus, check out his quickie dry cut below!


Dry vs. Wet

  1. Every client’s hair is unique to them, and has its own texture. Dry cutting reveals a client’s natural texture with no surprises—this means cowlicks, movement and density.
  2. Wet hair is about 50% more elastic than dry hair. While it may be heavier, it’s actually less dense than dry hair. Cutting wet hair keeps you from seeing the accurate density of your client’s hair, and causes mistakes and holes in the haircut.
  3. “After all, not one head of hair is the same,” shares Sal. “So, why give everyone the same haircut you learned in beauty school instead of something that is specifically designed for them?”



Watch the quickie below to see Sal customize his client’s dry cut! 


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