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Last updated: June 13, 2018

QUICKIE: @salsalhair’s Undone Wave Technique

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QUICKIE: @salsalhair’s Undone Wave Technique

What’s the best way to show off a freshly dry-cut lob? Some sexy, undone waves—and a master of LA’s effortless waves, Sal Salcedo (member of THE BTC TEAM!), demoed how he does it onstage at BTC’s ONE NIGHT STAND in Chicago, our first cutting-only show! Scroll for @salsalhair’s technique!


One Night Stand: A LIVE evening of education with the best cutters in the biz! Watch the entire show (4 hours!) here!


Products Used


1. Start with amika the shield anti-humidity spray for protection against heat and frizz.


2. Take horizontal sections for each wave, starting at the nape. “I explain to clients that the section size should be the same circumference as the iron they’re using,” Sal said.



3. Start each wave about an inch from the scalp and leave the ends out for the ultimate undone look.


4. Work in a bricklay pattern up the head, alternating the direction of waves.


5. Be sure that if two waves lay on top of one another, the waves go in opposite directions. That way, “instead of collapsing into one big curl, it will bounce off it,” Sal said. “This gives more movement and looks more natural.”



6. When you finish waving the entire head, let it cool! If you don’t, those waves won’t last.


7. After the hair is totally cooled off, pull, stretch and shake the waves for that lived-in feel.


8. Finish with amika un.done texture spray for body. Spray at the crown area and shake out.



Hair by Sal Salcedo (@salsalhair)



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