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Last updated: April 28, 2021

Watch This Before Blow Drying Curly Hair

3 Blowout Tips For Curly & Textured Hair

Blow drying curly or highly textured hair can seem intimidating, but having the right tools and techniques will help ease anyone’s nerves. That’s why Olivia Garden Educator Mecca Jones (@mjcolorsme) demonstrated how to properly prep curly hair for a blowout without tangling or damaging the hair.


Keep scrolling to get her expert tips on prepping the hair, using the right tools and why she blowdries from the roots to ends. Check out the finished look and don’t forget to watch the tutorial above to get Mecca’s full blowout and texturizing technique!


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Check Out The Before & After!

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Treat Curls Gently During Prep

What’s done to the hair during prep will affect the final result. This might seem obvious, but a huge mistake a lot of stylists make with curls is not working parallel to the cuticle. Curly and highly textured hair are more fragile than naturally straight strands, because the cuticle is raised off the scalp.


Roughing up the hair or pulling up the ends toward the scalp when washing can cause damage and unwanted tangling at the shampoo bowl.  To avoid this, Mecca recommends to always work in a downward motion parallel to the cuticle when shampooing, applying products and detangling. 


Use The Right Brush

When working with curly and tight coils, Mecca prefers to use Olivia Garden’s Essentials Thermal Collection brushes. They feature a unique bristle design with alternating rows of ionic and natural boar bristles, that provide tight tension when blowdrying textured hair. The collection comes in four interchangeable sizes, 1-inch, 1 ¼-inch, 1 5/8-inch and 2 1/8-inch, which allows for more versatility when dealing with different lengths of hair. 


Pro Tip: Mecca changes up her brush size depending on the length of the client’s hair. If a client has different lengths, she’ll adjust the brush size as she moves up the head to accommodate and to dry the hair faster.


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Blow Dry In Sections

Blow drying the hair in sections is obvious, but in this case Mecca doesn’t just mean taking literal sections (though sectioning is VERY important to ensuring a quick and efficient blow dry). Once the hair is sectioned, Mecca advises to dry in parts starting at the roots before moving on to the midlengths and ends.


  • Start drying the roots by pulling the brush in a downward motion through the hair until you reach the midlengths. The dryer is held directly above, about an inch from the hair.


  • Once the roots are sufficiently smoothed, move on to the midlengths and ends.


  • To dry the midlengths, place the brush underneath the hair and constantly turn to not disconnect through the ends and to create shape while drying.


  • Once the midlengths are dry, untwist the brush toward the ends and let the hair go.

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