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Last updated: February 20, 2020

Watch: How To Brighten & Refresh Red Haircolor

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Facebook Live: Red Haircolor Application How-To

Winter will be shifting into spring soon and your redhead clients will be looking for a pop of brightness to welcome in the season. So, TIGI® Professionals Ambassador Wes Palmer (@wesdoeshair) went live on our Facebook to show us how it’s done!  Check out the video below to see how he brightens red hair, while keeping its natural tone. Plus his placement tips and tricks for a dimensional finish and the formulas!

Products Used


Watch The Video How-To Below!


Check Out The Before & After & Click The Beaker For The Formula!

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  • Formula A

    TIGI® Professional Copyright©olour True Light Freestyle Blondor Clay Lightener + 40-volume developer

  • Formula B (Roots)

    TIGI® Professional Copyright©olour Creative 50 grams 7/44 + 30 grams 7/3 + 1 gram 6/6 + 120 grams 8.5-volume developer

  • Formula C

    Copyright©olour Mix Master 50 grams /44 + 30grams /33 + 120 grams 8.5-volume developer

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