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Last updated: June 13, 2018

These 3 Mark Bustos Tips Will Change Your Business Mantra

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Mark Bustos (@markbustos) is a top stylist, salon owner and the founder of #BeAwesomeToSomebody—so, what’s his secret to success? We’ll give you a hint: it requires hard work, passion and eagerness to take risks! We caught up with Mark during his class at the 2018 International Salon and Spa Expo, and left with some amazing advice to share with the BTC community. Check out our biggest takeaways below!



1. Efficiency Is More Valuable Than Time

  • What’s the difference between 45-minute and 60-minute appointments? Saving 15 minutes on every client will allow two extra appointments a day—this is a quick and easy opportunity to increase income and build new clientele.


Click HERE for Mark’s best timesavers behind the chair!


2. Chase Your Dreams…Or At Least Your Dream Clientele

  • “I’ve built a wealthy, well-known clientele that came to me originally through word of mouth,” shares Mark. “Knowing I had them on my roster, I could move anywhere and raise my prices.”
  • Building a loyal clientele means having the stability needed to make big career moves. “Those clients are out there if you chase them,” shares Mark. 


3. New Opportunities Require Taking Risks

  • “Make yourself uncomfortable and do things you feel like you’re not ready for,” suggests Mark. This is the best mantra for seeking opportunities and building your own success.
  • “I went from working in my garage to a studio charging $20 for haircuts, and that was a big jump for me at a young age,” shares Mark. “Then, I got a job in NYC and I was charging $42 for a haircut. I built a wealthy clientele and eventually could move and change my prices, and now I have clients who fly me out on helicopters to do their hair for $10,000—chase after those clients and know your worth.”


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