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Last updated: October 23, 2017

The Brush That’s Breaking the Internet

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Sometimes a new tool or product comes around that gets so much buzz in the hairdressing community, we have to investigate it for ourselves. Case in point? The Power Styler Salon Brushes. “I can say these are by far the best round brushes I have ever used for the past 25 years in the hair business,” shares stylist and salon owner Jack Martin. “They dry the hair so fast, they don’t tangle the hair, they are extremely light and they create volume and smooth and polish the hair.” Beauty YouTuber Felina (Beauty Head2Toe) agrees. “The Power Styler brushes have been life-changing for me,” says Felina. “I really can’t see myself without them.”


Because hairdressers love them so much, we decided to get to the bottom of what makes them so buzz-worthy! Here’s what we found out. 


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1. They’re Super Lightweight

The Power Styler Salon Brushes are made from the lightest wood you can get, which means they are easier to work with and are perfect for long-lasting blowout sets (see below). Plus, when you’re doing 12 to 13 blowouts a day, the lightweight brushes help you achieve the best blowout every time…without the arm workout.




2. Their Handle Shape is a Game-Changer

Hair product + smooth, round handle = major slippage! That’s why the Power Styler Brushes have a hexagon-shaped handle—which means a better grip, better control and an all-around more comfortable blow-dry.



3. They Create Out-Of-This-World Volume
To create tons of height at the roots, you can leave The Power Styler Brushes in the hair until it has cooled down to set the hair. This will give you voluminous, bombshell volume in half the time.



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4. Their Bristles Are Juuuust Right
The founder of The Power Styler Brushes, Roi Korach, spent almost a year meticulously calculating the material, density and distance between bristle holes. The result? A combo of boar bristles and premium, heat-resistant nylon bristles spaced just the right distance apart to create the perfect amount of tension on the hair—aka you get a great grip without pulling or ripping.



5. They Banish Frizz
When used with The Power Styler attachment, these brushes transform highly-textured hair into sleek, frizz-free styles from root to tip. The boar bristles also help to evenly distribute the natural oils in the hair, resulting in less breakage and a smoother cuticle.

Pro Tip: To get the most shine when blow-drying, make sure not to move on to the next section too quickly—go over each section until you see the shine, and only then move on to the next section.



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Looks like The Late Late Show with James Corden Stylist Cassie Russek swears by The Power Styler Brushes and attachment, too!


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