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Last updated: November 21, 2017

How-to: Blow-Dry in Half the Time

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What if we told you it’s possible to cut your blow-dry time in half with a simple little dryer attachment? Sounds pretty unbelievable, right? Well, we saw this super tool in action, and we’re totally convinced. Here’s the sitch: it’s called The Power Styler, and it consists of two ceramic plates that fit onto your hairdryer nozzle. When these plates heat up, they act like a flat iron, smoothing, straightening and sealing every hair into place.



The Power Styler speeds up drying time (we’re talking half the duration of the average blow-dry), makes hair smoother and shinier than a normal blow-dry and even makes the style last longer. Even better, it fits easily onto your existing hairdryer nozzle and it is incredibly straightforward to use. Here’s how it’s done. 


1. Take The Power Styler plates and slide the clips onto the end of your hairdryer nozzle, following the instructions.





 2. Use your preferred heat-resistant brush to guide The Power Styler gently down the hair shaft to achieve instant results. The hot air travels through the hairdryer and heats up the ceramic plates—acting like a straightener, minus the damage!



3. Blow-dry hair like normal—it’s that easy! The Power Styler will help you and your clients achieve smoother, straighter, frizz-free hair with less effort, and dramatically reduces the time it  takes to dry. When curling hair, it will help you achieve gorgeous, super sexy curls easily, that set quickly and last longer! 



4. When you need to remove The Power Styler from your nozzle, wait until it has cooled completely, place both thumbs on the clips and push up and off. 




“I have been using this for about three weeks now and my clients have been telling me their blowouts have been lasting longer,” says Tim Hyatt. “Absolutely a must for stylists that love blowouts.”


“I bought the Power Styler last week and it is worth the investment,” says Lisa Reynolds. “It truly does what it says, hair stays smoother and the bounce is fabulous. I give this product a 10 out of 10!”




Watch the Power Styler blow-dry in half the time!