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Last updated: November 21, 2017

Long Lasting Blow-Dries in Half the Time

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Your nine-o’clock walks in and she’s ready for a new summer style—a chic cut, dazzling color and then a gorgeous style-perfecting blowout. But she’s also got that super thick, difficult hair, and a blowout isn’t quick magic for a client like her. To top it off, your schedule is pretty crazy today. If even one appointment runs over, you’re tipping the first domino into complete schedule chaos. Disaster, right? How do you quicken the process without sacrificing the quality of the blow-dry? You start thinking outside the box.



That’s what Roi Korach, creator of the award-winning Power Styler, did. Used to blow-drying his mother’s coiled, rebellious hair, Roi figured there had to be a faster way. As both a hairdresser and an engineer, he brainstormed the perfect combo—blow dryer meets flat iron. After several years of tinkering, the Power Styler was born.


A Longer Lasting Shine and Style
Not only do these handy little attachments cut your blow-dry time in half, they also deliver a smooth, shiny finish. The blowout lasts even longer than those done by other drying methods! 


Attach the Plates & You’re Good to Go! 
The best part is that you don’t have to buy an all new hair dryer—just clip the Power Styler ceramic plates to the end of your flat-edged nozzle and you’re ready to dry and style. The heat warms the plates and gives them the same effect as a flat iron, straightening or curling while you dry. It’s simple, efficient and fast—the way every good blow-dry should be.



But don’t just take our word for it! See what other stylists are saying about the Power Styler!


“I’m a very busy hairdresser in northwest London, and this product has changed my life and my clients’ hair for the better! Not only has it made my blow-drys quicker, but their hair is so much smoother and lasts them much longer now. I highly recommend this fantastic product! I bought everyone in my family THE POWER STYLER for Christmas and now they cannot imagine blow-drying without it! It is one of the best inventions ever made!”
Jemma Harris


“I love the new attachment to my blowdryer! THE POWER STYLER is awesome for smoothing thick, frizzy hair! It leaves hair shiny and soft!”
Christina Zappala


“I bought it and love it! I have been using it on clients with hair that’s normally more frizzy and difficult to style. I’ve tried it on 2 different blowdry nozzles and it worked for both.”
Lauren Colleen Adell


“I have been using this for about three weeks now and my clients have been telling me their blowouts are lasting longer! THE POWER STYLER is absolutely a must have for stylists that love blowouts!”
Tia Hyatt


Buy now and choose from four exciting colors!




Watch the Power Styler blow-dry in half the time!