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April 6, 2018

4 Secrets To Achieving Dimensional Balayage From @paintedhair

painted hair patricia nikole 4 secrets tips to achieving dimensional balayage hair painting foils
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Redken Shades EQ 9P + 9NB + 9V + Shades EQ Processing Solution

Balayage is one of the most requested services in the salon, but it’s also one of the easiest to get wrong. So, it’s super important to always be educating yourself with new hair painting techniques to slay sectioning, placement and application! That’s why BTC is going LIVE with @paintedhairaka Patricia Nikoleat The BTC House in LA on April 16, so click here to get the deets! Until then, we’re dishing out these four secrets to achieving dimensional balayage. Check them out below, then sprint over to secure your livestream spot!



1. Too Much Damage? Skip The Lightener!
Intense damage and over-processed strands? Here’s a solution! Patricia paints lowlights and applies all-over color for a rich melt in between lightening appointments to maintain the hair’s integrity. Avoid too many lowlights, so the result is not darker than your client’s natural color if they want to eventually go lighter—get more color correction tips during the livestream and secure your space here!


Watch Patricia’s color application below!


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2. Contrast & Lowlights Are Equally Important As Lightening
The most underrated and overlooked part of the lightening process? Knowing where to leave darkness. Every client contains their own “road map” for highs and lows, and color placement is key to achieving depthlearn Patricia’s best color placement techniques during her BTC livestream and reserve your spot here!


3. Break Up The Banding
Some color corrections require a change in strategy, so even as a balayage specialist, sometimes Patricia has to whip out the foils! For uneven areas, visible banding and damaged hair, Patricia uses foils to carefully lighten problem areas. Just make sure to be ultra-conservative with the amount of lightener in each foil, fully saturate and blend for an even application.


Watch this technique in action below!


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4. Take Your Time & Trust The Process
Consultation is key for a healthy lightening process, so communicate that dimension can only truly be achieved after multiple sessions ESPECIALLY when the client is a color correction. Then, it’s up to you to execute sectioning, placement and application skills for gorgeous depth, so master these techniques during @paintedhair’s BTC livestream and snag your spot here!


OK, so this @paintedhair transformation was totally worth three four-hour sessions! Just look at that gorge dimension!

painited hair patricia nikole 4 secrets tips to achieving dimensional balayage hair painting foils



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