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Last updated: June 13, 2022

Seamless Balayage Blends: Here’s The Secret

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Instagram via @the.blonde.chronicles

Balayage Board Blending Hacks

This must-have tool is a secret for creating flawless blends with different techniques like teasylights, balayage and lowlights. Blonding expert and educator, Carly Zanoni (@the.blonde.chronicles), shows her 436k Instagram followers her biggest cheat for quickly achieving the blended blondes she is known for.


The Secret: Carly created a Balayage Board—get yours now at the BTC Shop!


Here’s How It Works:

The flat, sturdy surface of the balayage board allows for blending with lightener and color. Here are some benefits to using it.

  • Saves time
  • Easier control for balayage
  • Avoids color splotching, caused by uneven saturation
  • Can be used for lowlights, highlights, balayage and more! 


Press play to see Carly’s highlighting technique using a balayage board.

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A post shared by Carly • EDU for Hairstylists (@the.blonde.chronicles)


How To Use A Board For Highlights:

  1. Using her signature Smart Blonding placement technique for max impact, Carly takes fine weaves of hair using her comb. 
  2. Next, Carly places the foil on the board, so it’s underneath the section. 
  3. Holding the weaved section taught against the board, she fully saturates the hair. This will blend any dark tones into a golden blonde, without any harsh lines or heavy contrast. 


Pro Tip: Remove the board to saturate the ends, if needed. 


Click here to see Carly’s full Smart Blonding demo!


Balayage boards are her go-to when doing teasylights for dimensional blondes. When she’s done applying, she pulls the foil away from the stack and lets the product work its magic! 



Watch Carly’s hack to paint lowlights on a diagonal!

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A post shared by Carly • EDU for Hairstylists (@the.blonde.chronicles)


Key Tips When Using A Board For Lowlights:

  • Weave a tiny section of hair at a time
  • Keep the sections taught against the flat surface of the board
  • Completely saturate for an even lift (No more patchy foils? Yes, please!)


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