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Last updated: October 07, 2020

3 Blonding Tips For Maximum Lift & Adding Depth

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Maximum Lift & Added Dimension: 3 Blonding Tips You Need To Know

Do you struggle to achieve the desired amount of lift on textured hair? Or maybe you’re stuck trying to figure out how to transition summer blondes for fall? Well, the Alfaparf Milano team covered all of the above during their segment at The BTC Show Online 2020. Keep reading because below, we’re sharing three blonding tips from their presentation for achieving maximum lift and adding depth!


1. See-Through Slices Are Key For Maximum Lift

Remember, not all textured hair is curly! For clients with a coarser texture and straight strands, Alfaparf Milano Master Colorist Jeannetta Walker-Rodgers (@watchmyhairbounce) says slices and partings need to “exude excellence.” Meaning, partings should be precise and slices should be see-through in order to achieve maximum lift. 


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2. The Cherry Pick Technique 🍒

However, when lightening textured hair that is curly, Alfaparf Milano Guest Artist Keya Neal (@keyaartistically) advises against taking super clean sections. Why? Because clean slices will create lines of demarcation. “I want good partings, but I don’t want the lines to be so hard,” she notes. So if she’s adding more than one tone into the hair, Keya will do her cherry pick technique. Here’s how it works:


  • Take a section of hair and weave, picking the curls you want to color.
  • Clip the half of the weave that will act as negative space out of the way.
  • Then, apply lightener to the weaved curls that will function as the pop of brightness.



3. How To Transition Summer Blondes For Fall

For bright summer blondes who want to tone it down for fall, Alfaparf Milano Guest Artist Yohayne Garcia (@yohayne) recommends reverse balayage. There’s usually more depth in the back and around the sides, so this technique adds dimension back into those areas with the help of shadow roots, lowlights and color melting. Just be sure to maintain brightness in the front because these clients still want to see that pop of blonde when they look in the mirror.


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