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Last updated: May 25, 2018

2 Fashion Color Quickies For Healthy, Shiny Color

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We have a thing for fast Instagram videos showing an entire fashion color transformation in under a minute. That’s why we pulled these two color quickies from BTC members @kristinacheeseman and @caitlintyczka to share with you! Watch how to create a stunning shine line and melted pastel transformation below, plus get a few tips on creating and maintaining fashion colors!


1. Shine Line Starting With A Box-Color Black Base

When a new client came in with black box color and wanted some fun fashion tones, Kristina Cheeseman, a stylist from St. Louis, MO., knew she could make it happen. Here’s a look at her consultation, process and products that made this epic shine line possible.

  1. Start with a consultation—talk budget, price, expectations and do a strand test if needed.
  2. For this client, Kristina said the strand test lifted to a workable level without compromising the hair, so she knew what to expect and could plan for a specific outcome.
  3. After lifting, she used the new Matrix SoColor Cult Semi-Permanent Blooming Orchid and Semi-Permanent Retro Blue for the shine line, and for cleansing, she went with Matrix Total Results The Re-Bond 3-Step Strength Rehab System for added strength, repair and shine.







2. Pretty Pastel Transformation

Creating a total transformation is never simple—especially when it involves trending fashion colors that need to be perfectly placed and super shiny—but Caitlin Tyczka, another stylist from St. Louis, MO., was up for the challenge, Here’s a look at her process and products for creating this soft blend of pastel tones. 

  1. Caitlin used an on-scalp lightener + 25-volume developer, let it process and finished with a toning shampoo.
  2. Then, she chose the new Matrix SoColor Cult Semi-Permanent color line for her fashion shades, and melted different colors together and then let process. 
  3. For cleansing, she used The Re-Bond 3-Step Strength Rehab System to add incredible shine and to seal in the color.


Watch the quickie video below!





More Fashion Color Details

  • Fashion colors ask a lot from hair strands—they require intense lifting, followed by lots of color.
  • Hair strands will need some additional help staying healthy during the process.
  • After coloring, to maintain incredible shine and added strength, try The Re-Bond 3-Step Strength Rehab System from Matrix
  • Both Kristina and Caitlin use it to bring weakened strands back to healthy, bonded locks. Plus, after spending tons of time on an elaborate color, it should be ultra healthy and shiny when your client leaves the chair!


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