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Last updated: May 31, 2017

SalonBiz® Mobile Stylist App

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You’re busy all day behind the chair, but you still want to know if you’re meeting your goals and doing well. Enter SalonBiz®’s Mobile Stylist App, which lets you track everything about your performance, clients and bookings on your phone or tablet.

SalonBiz® was built with input from hundreds of stylists, colorists, spa therapists and nail techs, incorporating what’s REALLY important and valuable in their daily routines. The result? A simpler, more efficient way to track performance metrics, appointments and clients from behind the chair, which empowers hairdressers to manage their own productivity and business goals. You can take notes on your clients’ preferences, get alerted when a client checks in, see if you’re hitting your benchmarks and more.

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SalonBiz® Mobile Stylist App

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