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Last updated: September 27, 2017

6 Barbershop Tips To Better Your Business

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Frank Rizzieri’s barbershop has the same appearance as his grandfather’s barbershop from the 1920s.


As a third-generation hairdresser, it’s clear that Frank Rizzieri knows the business. His grandpa was a visionary barber and opened his first shop in 1924! Since then, the family business has grown, so Frank has a lifetime of experience—and he’s the kind of guy you want to learn from. Whether it’s how to become an editorial stylist (he’ll be backstage at New York Fashion Week) or getting the scoop on managing four rather large salon locations, he’s the guy who can answer your questions. So when we had a chance to catch up with him, we asked a LOT!


We mostly picked Frank’s brain on what’s going on in the world of men’s grooming. His successful barbershop, located in one of his salons, takes inspiration from his grandfather’s original barbershop, giving off that 1920s atmosphere that’s ideal for today’s modern man.



1. Manage The Walk-Ins
Barbershops have to be able to accommodate walk-ins. Frank says that most men who want a barbershop experience are not the type to call ahead. With the new Barber App from SalonBiz®, walk-in appointments are easier to manage for the stylist AND the client. For example, Frank’s shop is inside a mall, so he installed TV screens at different entryways letting visitors know when the shop has an opening or how long the wait will be. This is an attention-grabber, and men who weren’t planning to get haircut are often inclined to stop in when they see there’s an opening in 10 minutes.


TV screens at different entrances let clients know when there is an opening in the barbershop.


2. A Minimal Service Menu Makes Walk-Ins Easy
So we know men are more inclined to walk in versus making an appointment, which works because men’s services don’t really have to be scheduled like salon services. Walk-ins are easier in the barbershop, Frank says, because his shop offers only five services: basic cuts, deluxe cuts, straight-blade shaves, barber facials and beard trims/waxing. With only having these five services, it is easier to schedule walk-in appointments. Being able to know how long each service will take is key when mastering the walk-in approach.


Frank offers five services at his barbershop including beard trimming.


3. Be Efficient
Frank says their barbershop only has six barbers, but they are about 75 percent booked most of the time. When you’re that lean but that busy, you’ve got to know where your clients are and when they’re coming in. Frank says the SalonBiz® Barber App is a huge help for the barbers when it comes to them staying on time and in control of their work day.


4. Deliver “The Look”
Frank says his barbershop clients want really specific looks (think super-tight fades or completely shaved heads), so it’s important to be able to deliver exactly what they want. “What we are seeing is that they want to keep their look fresh, so if we do a really great job on their service, we can usually expect to see them back in the chair about two weeks later,” Frank says. He adds that his clients are walking advertisements, and if his team can deliver the look, the men will do the talking—resulting in more referrals and more business.


5. Put The Product In Their Hand
You may think selling retail to guys is difficult, but Frank says it’s not as hard as you think. Guys are simple—they want their hair to look great all the time. So as his barber or stylist, if you show him how to style his hair with the right products, he’s usually ready to buy the products right then and there. SalonBiz® tracks the amount of retail sold per stylist, and because every barber has the app on their phone, they can see their retail progress at the end of every day, week or month. This gives the staff more incentive to sell products and keep their clients coming back.


The SalonBiz Stylist App lets you view your book & client history and monitor your goals.


6. You Gotta Be Able To Do Both
The men’s grooming world is changing. While Frank has both his barbershop and his salons, he thinks that these days stylists and barbers need to be comfortable to do both men with short and long hair.  While yes, in his barbershop there are only five services, and typically they are only working on men with shorter hair, Frank says that right now guys are really into looking good, and whether you’re a stylist or a barber you gotta be able to do both. Stylists can’t be afraid of the fade and barbers can’t be afraid of longer hair. It will help you behind the chair if you can expand your craft.


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