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Last updated: July 24, 2017

Online Booking…3 Reasons To Make The Switch

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Online shopping. Online dating. Online everything. It’s taken some time, but it’s official—everything is happening online these days. If your salon hasn’t made the switch to online booking, you could be missing out on gaining new clients and making more money. Here are three big reasons to make the move.


1. If You’re Thinking, “It’s Too Complicated,” Think Again

Despite your previous ideas about online booking, we’re here to tell you—it’s easy for you and easier for your guests. Here’s why:


    SalonBiz Online Booking is integrated with your salon software, meaning your data transfer is automatic and there’s nothing extra you have to do.
  • Its real-time booking feature is constantly updating, so you’ll never be double-booked, overbooked or under-booked.
  • Every appointment booked online means your front desk has more time to focus on your guests, assist stylists and work on their retail sales.
  • If your guests can shop online, they can book online. The system leaves no room for guesses and keeps your business open 24/7.


Keep your business open 24/7 with SalonBiz and their mobile-friendly
online booking feature.


2. Appointment Times: How To Deal

Wondering how software is able to manage a stylist’s time? Of course you are. We’re here to break down how exactly this system can tell the difference between partial highlights and an all-over color.


    This system gives salons the capability to get super specific during setup, meaning you allow the software to understand the way your business is run. 
  • Use your own language to program the software so that when it comes to booking online, your guests can easily filter their choices down by location, time period and specialty.
  • If booking color appointments online is too much of a concern, no worries. The platform comes with the option to turn off color booking. Instead, your color guests can send a request directly to the salon for those appointments.
  • If your guest can’t find the exact service they need at the time they’re requesting, Online Booking also offers an electronic appointment request. Instead of calling the salon to work out the details, they can send an instant message detailing their situation and the salon can get back to them. 


You can sort your book by color, so you’ll know
who has booked online when they come in.



3. No-Shows…No Way

If you think booking online increases no-shows…think again! Here are a few reasons we’re thinking the opposite.

  • Appointment confirmation text messages and email reminders are easy ways to keep your guests engaged and reminded that they have an appointment coming up.
  • Salons can choose to ask for partial or full payment in order to complete the booking process. An optional credit card deposit is a huge incentive to not cancel the appointment (or to at least reschedule in a timely fashion).

Note: Applying a late-change or cancel fee is optional.


With SalonBiz Online Booking all of these things are made possible—and all of your online booking worry can be eliminated. You’ll be living with less stress and your guests will be even more excited at the convenience your salon is providing. Everyone wins!


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