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Last updated: August 07, 2017

The Assistant You Can’t Live Without

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It’s a given—when a client sits in your chair, they expect stellar service. And often, it’s the personal touches—like recalling an upcoming event in his life, or remembering her favorite celebrity hairstyle—that can be the difference between a good experience and an amazing, tell-all-your-friends experience.


With the NEW Mobile Stylist App from SalonBiz®, you can keep track of client purchase history, color formulas and other personal details—setting you and your salon apart from others. The coolest part? You can do it all from the one thing you have with you ALL the time—your phone! Here’s how you can use the SalonBiz® Mobile Stylist App to deliver personalized service—and fill your books for months!


Rocking Your Consultation
It’s no secret that providing a great consultation increases client retention and retail sales.  SalonBiz®‘s Notes feature lets you quickly jot down a note while you are booking
so you don’t forget those little personal details that make a big difference! You’ll be able to prep in a sec by reviewing the notes before your client arrives so you will be ready to nail your consultation and offer an amazing service. Viola! A perfect consultation every time.



Watch the video below to see how you can manage every client—
from consultation through checkout—with the app!


It’s THIS Easy
1. In the app, locate and touch a client’s appointment to view it. Press the View Info button.


2. Using the tabs, view the client’s formulas, notes and purchase history.


3. While in the Formula and/or Notes section, touch the + button and enter in new notes as necessary.


4. Click the Add button when you are finished.


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YOU Already Love It
SalonBiz® was built with input from hundreds of stylists, colorists, spa therapists and nail techs, so it incorporates what’s REALLY important and valuable in your daily routines. The result is a simpler, more efficient way to track performance metrics, appointments and clients, empowering you to manage your own productivity and business goals. 


Real hairdressers, just like you, are already using and loving the SalonBiz® app.


“I find it an invaluable tool for building relationships with my clients,” says Allen Ruiz of Ruiz Salon in Austin, Texas. “I know their birthday, their favorite cut, the exact color formula for the color they love–which helps me personalize their experience and look every time.”


“My favorite feature of the Apple watch version of the SalonBiz® mobile app is notifications,” shares Chris Guidry of Paris Parker in New Orleans. “I know the moment my client checks in with an alert on my wrist–and I love it because it’s not disruptive to the client in my chair. It’s easy and fun to use.”


Obsessed with your phone? SalonBiz® is!
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