Last updated: May 24, 2017


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As a stylist,you may frequently find yourself wishing you had more free time to focus on your business. Well, nuStylist thinks it’s time to gift yourself some extra me-time by doing some of your work for you! nuStylist wants you to focus on being the best stylist you can be by using fast, easy software that’s perfectly designed for independent beauty professionals.


The nuStylist team of industry professionals includes Julie Shepperly (Rae Consulting and Training), Bill Deliman (SureTint, Mirabella, Maly’s) and Don McNeil (Direct Access, Milano) to ensure the software makes you a success!


Key features include:

  • A Personalized Website—nuStylist will automatically create a personalized website for you. Let clients find you online, browse your services and book an appointment.
  • Style Stars Loyalty Program—Style Stars engage your clients by rewarding them for return visits, social media shout-outs, client referrals and more.
  • Easy Payments—Make cash and credit card payments easy! Automatic payments mean your clients will enjoy the salon experience without having to fumble with their wallets.
  • Appointment Scheduler—nuStylist acts as your personal assistant. Spend your time doing all the things you love and leave the other stuff to nuStylist!
  • Go Mobile—Work where you want, when you want. Designed for the independent stylist on the go, nuStylist’s mobile-optimized platform is by your side every step of the way.


It’s an incredible time to be a stylist. The industry is changing and more stylists are taking control of their lives and their business. nuStylist wants to empower you to live the life you’ve always dreamed of and take hold of your future, putting the power of YOU front and center.


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