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Last updated: May 31, 2017

BookingOnline from SalonBiz


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Are you looking for a new way to bridge the gap between your salon and the digital world? What about making your booking process easier for your clients and yourself? No worries, we got just what you need! The New OnlineBooking Mobile App from SalonBiz is the newest way to keep your chairs full, salon busy and clients happy. And that’s not even the best part! Without any additional cost or added time on the phone, you can add a service that’s great for you and convenient for your clients!

The stats don’t lie! Check out how OnlineBooking
can totally change your customer service game!

1. 40 percent of bookings are made one day or less in advance and occur during non-business hours.
2. 35 percent of clients want to schedule appointments during non-business hours
3. 25 percent of Millennials will only book online
4. Using the prepayment feature dramatically reduces the chance of no-shows

Need some more details? We gotcha! The steps above walk you through the app in its entirety, check it out!

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Need more? Watch the video and get extra details, here!

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