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Last updated: March 20, 2020

SalonCentric Is Freezing Invoices To Help Out Hair Stylists

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SalonCentric Is Freezing Invoices To Help Out Stylists During Coronavirus

The current coronavirus pandemic has disrupted the beauty community, so SalonCentric™ has decided to help ease the burden with the launch of a few new initiatives—the most important being the freezing of invoices on purchases made before March 23. These new programs are aimed to not only temporarily relieve hairdressers financially, but to alleviate some stress during this difficult time.


Here’s What You Need To Know:

  • SalonCentric is freezing invoices until your community is back to business as usual. Invoices made after March 23 will be subject the the brand’s normal credit policy terms. 


  • Once everything is back to normal, customers will be able to set up a monthly re-payment plan to handle old invoices and reorder new products.


  • There’s free shipping on all orders when shopping on or through the app.


“I realize we are dealing with a tremendous amount of stress and uncertainty, but where we can, we will step in to help,” says SalonCentric™ President Betrand Fontaine. “We are determined to help you all get through these uncertain times.”

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