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Last updated: May 13, 2021

SalonCentric Brands Will Be Available On SalonInteractive Ecommerce Platform

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150 Salon Brands In SalonCentric Will Be Available On SalonInteractive

Salon and stylist ecommerce platform SalonInteractive is partnering with SalonCentric, allowing stylists to set up their own online retail programs via SalonInteractive with SalonCentric managing the retail orders and deliveries to their customers. The 150 salon brands carried in SalonCentric will be available on SalonInteractive in the second half of 2021.


SalonInteractive provides stylists and salons with personalized online retail stores that feature the professional brands beauty pros choose to offer. Salon professionals earn commissions by recommending these products to their clients via QR codes, messages from their phone or on social media, or in a few clicks using a suite of integrated marketing tools. There is no cost to the stylist or salon to use SalonInteractive, and they aren’t managing inventory or providing shipping, as orders are delivered directly to their clients from their distributor. Consistent with how stylists and salons do business, their online stores can include favorite brands from multiple distributors. An online help center and a support team of licensed professionals are in place to assist when needed.


“Salon clients are increasingly purchasing hair care products online and have embraced the opportunity to buy guaranteed professional products from their stylist—the person who knows their hair best,” said SalonInteractive Founder and CEO Jim Bower. “This year, thousands of salons have sold millions of dollars in online retail on the SalonInteractive network. With our SalonCentric partnership, we can help the industry recapture the revenue they deserve and keep professional retail where it belongs—in the hands of the professionals.”


SalonInteractive was created by Jim, a stylist, salon owner, and technology entrepreneur, to provide salon clients, their salons, salon distributors, and salon brands with an ecommerce solution that respects and protects the integrity of professional salon products and, equally importantly, the client/stylist relationship. The SalonInteractive platform accounts for the unique industry supply chain, providing a user-friendly solution aligned closely with industry best practices, current behaviors, perceptions and relationships.


“We’re excited to partner with SalonInteractive, as it is a significant step in our goal of building a new industry ecosystem. Initially, SalonInteractive will enable independent stylists, suite owners and traditional salons to set up their own e-boutiques, with SalonCentric managing retail orders and deliveries directly to their customers,” said Bertrand Fontaine, President of SalonCentric. “But the beauty of SalonInteractive is that it provides a platform that enables us to harmonize existing salons/stylist management software, and to support licensed beauty professionals in the near future in a variety of new ways, such as offering electronic product replenishment, and marketing and Customer Relationship Management activities.”