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Last updated: June 17, 2019

WATCH: Modern Chignon + 6 Pro Styling Tips

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The holidays are almost here, and so is your busiest time behind the chair. It’s time to add last-minute updo techniques to your styling arsenal, so The Salon by InStyle’s Creative Director Michelle O’Connor went live on BTC’s Facebook to give you a full video how-to for a modern, embellished chignon. Plus, Michelle dished our major styling cheats and techniques to save time and impress your clients! Check it all out below!



Get The Tips

1. Get rid of the “permanent part” by spraying with water or a blow-dry lotion, use a fine-toothed comb and directionally manipulate the hair that supports where you want it to go later on. Almost like flat wrapping hair—think where the end goal is.


2. Use the tail end of the the comb to smooth out any bumps or flyaways in ponytails and updos.



3. Michelle recommends using silicone bands instead of elastics because once it’s placed in the hair, it will stay intact. It also creates tension for upstyling without losing grip.


4. Be creative and take risks by embellishing updos with products not intended for hair. For example, Michelle adds colorful accents to her modern chignon by wrapping bright-colored rope strategically throughout the style.



5. There are two ways to anchor the rope when covering an elastic. Either wrap and double-knot around the band, or try using a tight bobby pin to anchor the rope into the elastic before wrapping it around.


6. Add texture that contrasts the sleek style in the front by crimping the hair from the base of the ponytail through the ends. This will create a visually-striking, three-dimensional look in the finished chignon.


Finished Look



Watch the videos below for the full technique!


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