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Last updated: June 23, 2017

Stuck in an Education Rut? Here are 10 Ways Moroccanoil™ is Making Learning Fresh!

You know you love Moroccanoil™ products, but now it is time to take it to the next level with Moroccanoil Academy! Based in uber-fashionable New York City, Moroccanoil  Academy features intimate hands-on styling classes and business classes for hairstylists at all levels of their career. Check out the article for more information!

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Even if you were dropped onto Earth from a spaceship from Venus, you could probably identify those distinctive blue and orange bottles as Moroccanoil™. When Co-Founder Carmen Tal created the original Moroccanoil™ Treatment, she was inspired by the striking blue shade of the Mediterranean and the orange hue of the formula. Moroccanoil™ has gone on to lead the industry with an ever-expanding category of oil-infused products that has invigorated salon retail sales, and a collection of products that stylists in salons, at Fashion Week and on film and photo sets rely on to create sexy, polished, luxurious hair.


Now it’s time for the next phase of Moroccanoil™’s already-impressive run—and it’s all about education. Specifically, the team has opened the first ever Moroccanoil™ Academy in New York City, and created education offerings that mirror the sensual and sophisticated look of the brand. The new education is also a result of some pretty intense planning and brainstorming by Carmen, Director of Education Robert Ham and runway and editorial stylist Peter Gray. The result? “The products sell themselves,” says Robert, “So it’s safe to say that Moroccanoil™ has done a pretty good job capturing the head of the hairdresser. Now, with our unique new education offerings, we’re prepared to capture the hairdresser’s heart.” 


1.  Ham and Gray. It sounds like a British tailoring establishment. But in fact, it’s the passion and vision that these two guys—Robert Ham and Peter Gray—have brought to creating Moroccanoil™ education that makes it unique. Ham has an intense background in education, and a deep love for hairstyling and finishing. Gray combines a background in education with 15 years in the editorial world. (More about that in a minute). Together, they’re creating classes and curricula born of their very personal and profound experiences.

From left: Editorial Stylist Peter Gray and
Director of Education Robert Ham


2.  Intimacy. At the Moroccanoil™ Academy in New York, you won’t get lost in the crowd. The cozy space accommodates just 12 stylists, and each class provides two educators. So…all eyes on you!

At the intimate, Moroccanoil Academy, it stays personal


3. Refining the Art of Styling. Gray and the Moroccanoil™ team routinely work with designers like Cushnie et Ochs, Badgley Mischka, Zac Posen and Marchesa at Fashion Week. So they know a thing or two about world-class styling. Which, if you’re being honest, is something you could probably improve on in your salon. Moroccanoil™ styling classes take inspiration from these high-end fashionistas, and show you how to make it work for your clients.

You won’t learn this on YouTube


4. Leaving YouTube in the Dust. Most clients these days are watching 14-year-olds do their own hair in their bedrooms on YouTube and thinking that’s all they need to know. Moroccanoil™ classes offer advanced, professional blow drying, styling and braiding techniques that put these DIY-ers to shame. “Whenever we go into a salon to teach these techniques,” says Robert, “stylists tell us they never knew they could blow dry like this or incorporate braids like this. They get involved and engaged because their styling skills get completely upgraded.”


5. Sassoon Meets Fashion Meets Rock and Roll. Peter Gray started his career as a Sassoon educator, segued into editorial work with the top photographers and fashion designers in the world, and even spent some time touring with bands. And he contributed all of this experience to the Moroccanoil™ education programs—the discipline of the Sassoon world; the sexy creativity of fashion and the energy of rock and roll! Who benefits? You!


6. It’s Holistic. Moroccanoil™ education is more than skills. Gray calls it “an authentic, holistic balance.” From consultations to conversations with the client to everything a stylist needs to be more effective and productive on the floor, these classes are designed to help produce unified, balanced professionals.

Learn how to do the looks your clients are “pinning” in “All Dressed Up.”


7. It Ain’t Flat Iron 101. Carmen, Robert and Peter have thought long and hard about what will engage and delight students, and the results are classes that will enhance your career and stimulate your creativity. In Tailored Texture, you’ll tackle waves, runway braids, stitching, weaving, knotting and more. In Reinventing the Reel, you’ll explore Silver Screen looks from every decade. In All Dressed Up, you’ll learn how to give your clients the special occasion styles they’re “pinning” and pining for. In Behind the Lens, roll up your sleeves and jump in as you explore what it takes to become an editorial artist.


8. There’s Business in the Mix. One of the most valuable Academy programs is called Branding Your Business—because there’s more to this career than hands-in-hair. This two-day interactive workshop is for salon owners, managers and independent stylists. You’ll explore and develop the relationship between your business and your brand and transform how your clients perceive you. The workshop will take you through a series of exercises created to change the way you think about building your business.


9. Cutting is Coming. If you live to snip, slice, notch and slither, you’re in luck. In September, at BTC’s COLOR, Cut & Style Show, Ham, Gray & Co. will debut the Moroccanoil™ Cutting Program. The three-day program was conceived by Peter, who hints, “It will help stylists understand how to look at the hair, look at the woman and enhance her, make her feel beautiful. It’s all about shape, form, balance and the aesthetic whole.”

Come on down—classes are open to one and all


10. It’s Open To Everyone. No minimum purchases, to need to take a blood oath or ink the company logo on your shoulder. Everyone’s welcome at the Moroccanoil™ Academy. Any level of experience. Any background. Any class. Any time. What’s more, Robert is building an expanding army of Moroccanoil™ field educators, dedicated to winning hearts around the world!


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