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Last updated: June 17, 2019

QUICKIE: L.A. Layers

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In need of a layered, mid-length chop? Mèche Salon Stylist Buddy Porter (@buddywporter) can give you some pointers. His signature look features a length that ends just below the collarbones and tapered bangs that start at the eyebrow—and we have a quickie of it below!




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1. Section the hair from ear to ear to separate the front from the back. Then, section from the occipital bone to the top of the ear in a horizontal pattern, and start point-cutting the perimeter (how deep will depend on the hair density).


2. Next, layer internally using the same subsection of hair. According to Buddy, another term for this is “block graduation.”


Pro Tip: Your elevation will depend on the hair density, where you want to see the layers fall and how much weight you want to remove. Buddy prefers to point-cut very deep here.



3. Then, using radial sections and following the head shape, layer the top of the hair. Buddy says these layers will be disconnected from your internal layers, and that’s OK—don’t connect them! And, remember to check your balance after cutting the layers.


4. Finally, cut the face-framing pieces to their natural fall. On the first side, ask yourself, ‘Where do I want to see the hair fall? How will it look when it’s styled?’ Then cut after you’ve answered those questions.


5. On the other side, use your visual guide from the previous side and blend all the way down to the length.


Want to see this look styled? Watch his styling quickie, too!


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