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Last updated: July 17, 2017

Opal Color Melt How-To

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  • Formula A

    (3:1) Matrix Color Graphics Lacquer Blue + Clear

  • Formula B

    Color Graphics Lacquer Light Pink

  • Formula C

    (1:3) Color Graphics Lacquer Yellow + Clear

  • Formula D

    Equal Parts Color Graphics Lacquer Teal + Clear

Haircolor is constantly evolving—and right now the hottest new technique is color melting. So what do you get when you mix this cool new trend with soft fashion colors? A gorgeous opal color melt, and we have every detail you need to recreate it.


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But First, We’re Going Virtual
Since we know you’re going to love this how-to, we wanted to share something with you first, and you’re going to love it just as much as (if not more than) the color melt how-to itself. Matrix is introducing a new VIRTUAL way to learn—it’s really cool and we have the exclusive first look at how it all works! In the
 video below, use your finger or mouse to explore the Matrix Color Melting Arcade. You’ll find four looks (including the opal melt shown above), their before-and-after shots, transformational videos, complete step-by-steps and 360-degree views of the hair.


Now get the details on this gorgeous Opal color melt, and more on their new virtual reality platform below!


Matrix Color Formulas
Formula A: (3:1) Color Graphics Lacquer Blue + Clear
Formula B: Color Graphics Lacquer Light Pink
Formula C: (1:3) Color Graphics Lacquer Yellow + Clear
Formula D: Equal Parts Color Graphics Lacquer Teal + Clear


Before and after


Color Application
1. Using her natural part as a guide, create a diamond section at the crown and isolate.

2. Then create ½- to 1-inch parallel subsections under each side of the diamond section and isolate. This will give you 12 different areas (four sections with three subsections).

3. In every “Area 1” melt Formula A + Formula B + Formula D + Formula C (in that order)

4. In every “Area 2” melt Formula A + Formula B + Formula D + Formula C + Formula D  (in that order)

5. In every “Area 3” melt Formula A + Formula B + Formula D + Formula C + Formula  B + Formula D  (in that order)

Pro Tip: When blending the color together, use a dry color brush and a vertical feather motion to diffuse any hard lines for a seamless, melted look.

6. Let color process for up to 20 minutes, then rinse, shampoo and condition with Total Results Color Obsessed.



The Details On The Matrix Arcade Experience
Basically, Matrix created a platform that allows hairdressers to feel like they’re transported into a digital world of education—and the first thing it’s going to cover is color melting. The virtual reality platform (and what Matrix is calling their digital “Arcade Studio”) is a completely immersive, 360-degree digital experience. And it holds all the info for the below looks! The panoramic technology allows you to use manual rotating functions, including zoom-in-and-out effects, start-and-stop motions and video hotspots. Plus, there is hidden content throughout the experience, and the technology works seamlessly on all smartphones and tablets.


Here’s a look at the three other color melting hues inside the new Matrix virtual reality platform.

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