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Last updated: May 04, 2018

10 Things To Start Doing On Instagram Right NOW

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You asked, and Matrix delivered. Before their 2017 National Elevate Me Training in Cancun, Matrix surveyed their stylists to see what specifically their educators wanted to learn, and the answer was simple—social media. So, they brought out Matrix celebrity spokesperson George Papanikolas and social media star @constancerobbins to talk tips and tricks. Here are 10 things you should be doing on your Instagram platforms right now.



1. Perfect Your Lighting
Natural light is the best option, but direct sunlight can be harsh—if you can, shoot outside in a shaded area, this will ensure the best lighting. If you can’t shoot outside, you can (and should) invest in a ring light. Constance bought hers for only $150. But, if you’re not ready to make that purchase, you can always try our Clip-On Selfie Lights. They are perfect for on-the-go clients, give you the lighting you need for the perfect pic and you can BUY THEM NOW!


2. Fix Your Background
Not everyone can have a photo studio in their salon or suite—and that’s OK. Using a wall is a perfectly good option. And remember, you can always add a filter to your backdrop to make it look more aesthetically pleasing.



3. Create Enough Content
Take multiple pictures in different positions when photographing a client. This way, when you’re out of the salon, whether away on business or taking some personal time, you can continue posting great photos.


4. Use Your Camera
Whether it’s obvious or not, we have to tell you—use your camera to take your photos. Taking pictures in Snapchat or Instagram will always come out blurrier. (Plus, if you ever need to submit your photo to, we’ll need something high res.)


5. Pick the Right Photo
Constance suggests taking multiple pictures when photographing a client—but then comes the question: how do you choose which one to upload? Constance says to view all images as thumbnails, then pick the most eye-popping one. Wondering why? When people are scrolling through a hashtag they only see the thumbnail, so the image needs to pop, even if it is small.



6. Post What You Want To Create
If you want to do more balayage in the salon, post only balayage. If you dislike doing men’s cuts, do it when someone comes in asking for one, but don’t post that online. If people see you as a balayage artist on Instagram, guess what? They’ll come in and ask for balayage.



If you guessed this work was done by George, you guessed right! George says you want people to be able to recognize your work, plus when you stick with a theme, more people will come in asking for what you’re posting online.


7. Keep It Real
Don’t use filters on the hair! Your photo needs to be as real as the hair is—filters can take away from that. When you edit, edit the distractions. You’ll notice that when you fix things like facial blemishes or when you add in some extra makeup, you’re enhancing the photo without doing anything to change the hair.


8. Work With Your Client
“I tell my clients that if they post a selfie and tag me as their hairdresser, I’ll give them a free gloss,” says George. “And it works, because in my salon, I’m not just doing my client, I’m doing her sister, her mom and her friend—that doesn’t happen without their support.” 


9. Create Your Own Hashtag Library
We know everyone is always hashtagging, so trust us when we say that #balayage is flooded with amazing posts. Because of this, don’t just hashtag one or two things that everyone is already doing. George created his own hashtag #HaircolorByGeorgePapanikolas, that way, you can click on that hashtag and see only his color.


10. Keep Your Brand Consistent
Your Instagram page is a brand, and just like any brand, you need to keep it consistent. “Your ultimate goal is to have people recognize your work without even seeing your title—when that happens you know what you’re doing is working!” Says George.


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