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Last updated: October 11, 2017

Mizani Celebrates 25 Years!

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Chanel Iman, Heidy De la Rosa, Grace Mahary and Maria Borges, styled by Global Artistic Director César Ramirez at Mizani’s 25th anniversary event in New York.


For 25 years Mizani has been the professional authority for all types of textured hair, giving every woman the freedom to style her hair any way she chooses, and now, they’re taking it to the next level! To celebrate 25 years, a new collection and campaign, Mizani held an exclusive anniversary event in New York City, and BTC was there to take it all in.


Check out one of César’s incredible looks
from Mizani’s 25th Anniversary Party!


The new collection, Styling Renaissance, allows women the #FreedomToStyle their hair with limitless versatility and for the faces of the campaign, Mizani welcomes four dynamic and inspiring women who express their personalities through their hairstyles every day.


You know these beautiful ladies—Chanel Iman, Maria Borges, Grace Mahary and Heidy De la Rosa—they’re on the runways, inspiring with their style and their grace. At Mizani’s recent event, we got to learn even more about each of their unique stories. With their unmatched beauty, vibrant personalities, a true love for hair and a little help with Mizani’s new product line, these women are the prefect representation for Mizani’s #FreedomToStyle.


“The world of texture and embracing your texture is ever-growing,” says Global Artistic Director César Ramirez. “Mizani is truly the texture authority and caters to all textured hair types from a tight coil to curly to straight. We allow everyone to express themselves while maintaining the natural health of their hair.”


So let’s get to know these gorgeous gals!


Chanel Iman (@chaneliman)
Model, Actress & Philanthropist



She’s an internationally renowned supermodel that has already made her film debut and works closely with two charaties: HerShe Foundation and Kalou Foundation. Chanel Iman does it all, and she knows a thing or two about hair, too! “Hair is so important when it comes to being on a movie set, because it brings a character to life,” Chanel says. “I love everything about changing my look, from extensions to natural hair. I also love wearing my hair really curly or really straight.”


Maria Borges (@iammariaborges)
Model & Style Trendsetter


Born in Luanda, Angola, Maria Borges made her runway debut in 2012, walking in 17 shows (WOW!), and in 2015, she made history by becoming the first black model to walk in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show wearing her natural Afro hairstyle. She shared the moment with her followers on Instagram: “Having natural hair is the most amazing thing that I choose to work with,” Maria says. “I can do everything I want with my natural hair. I can braid it, I can leave it natural and curly, I can straighten it. I can inspire other women, especially black women, to be themselves and enjoy their beauty.”


Grace Mahary (@gracemahary)
Model & Athlete


Grace Mahary’s parents moved from Eritrea in East Africa to Alberta, Canada, where Grace was born and raised. A talented athlete and model, she walked exclusively for Givenchy in Fall 2012 and has appeared in more than 200 runway shows! “My hair tells a story every day,” Grace says. “I started to love my hair and myself as I grew up. I was an athlete, and now I’m a model. I embody my natural self and try to be a positive example for women to embrace whatever they’re born with.”


Heidy De La Rosa (@heidydelarosa)


Born in Hato Rey, Puerto Rico, Heidy De La Rosa moved to NYC to pursue her dream of modeling. Known for her curly hair and energetic personality, she’s taking acting classes and has done charitable work for the Garden of Dreams Foundation and for the Kalou Foundation alongside Chanel. And as far as the hair? She’s got that down, too! “I’m very versatile and my hair is too,” Heidy says. “Sometimes I like to wear my hair curly or straight, depending on what I’m wearing or how I feel. The best way to find you own style is just mixing everything up!”


BTC’s Natalie, Kate, Mizani’s Director of Education and César
hanging out at their party in New York!

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